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Causes of A. R.

When did the Boston Massacre happen? March 5, 1770
What happened at the Boston Massacre? The colonists formed a mob and surrounded the British. They started throwing icy snowballs at one and other. The British started firing.
Who was in charge of the Boston Tea Party? The Sons of Liberty
What caused the Boston Tea Party? It was a protest against the Tea Act.
When did the Boston Tea party take place? December 16, 1773
How much tea was dumped? 342 chests of tea
What was the British's response to the Boston Tea Party? The British closed the port and inflicted even harsher punishments. It lead to the Intolerable Acts.
What did the Stamp Act tax? The British parliament taxed the colonists on every piece of paper they used.
Stamp Act Congress 9 colonies who met to oppose the Stamp Act and ask the British parliament to repeal the act.
What was the Townshend Act? Taxes on glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea.
Writs of Assistance Allowed tax collectors to search for smuggled goods without a search warrant
Townshend Act- Sons of Liberty attacked the British houses who seized their ships
When did the Townshend Act take place? 1767
When did the Stamp Act take place 1765
When did the Tea Act take place? April 27, 1773
The Tea Act was formed to try to save who from going bankrupt? The East India Company
What did the British do during the Tea Act? Lifted the duty of tea brought in from the East India Company making tea cheaper.
Coercive/ Intolerable Acts A series of 4 acts made by the British
The 4 acts: British closed down the Boston Harbor until all damages from the Boston Tea Party were paid for, turned the governor's council into an appointed body, made British officials immune to criminal prosecution, required colonists to house british troops
What was the aim of the Coercive Acts? Restore order in Massachusetts and punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party
Who made up the first continental congress? All colonies except Georgia
Where did the 1st continental congress meet? Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia
What were the colonists told to do at the First Continental Congress? Boycott all English goods
Was the First Continental Congress a success or a failure? It was a failure because the colonists' plan didn't make the king repeal the Act.
When did the battle of Lexington and Concord take place? April 19, 1775
Who were the two riders who warned the colonists that the British are coming? Paul Revere and William Dawes
What happened to the British on their march back to Boston? Minutemen attacked them.
Why did the British march to Lexington and Concord? They wanted to seize the colonists' cache of weapons.
Who won the first conflict of the American Revolution? The colonists
What did the Second Continental Congress create? A continental army
What did the Second Continental Congress make in 1776? Declaration of Independence
Why was the Second Continental Congress formed? They wanted to make peace with the King.
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