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Causes of A.R.

Causes of A.R.

What did the Stamp act put taxes on? All printed pieces of paper
Stamp act was put in effect to get what? To get money back that was lost from the war.
Why was the stamp act repealed? Businessmen were complaining to the king about loss of product sales because colonists were boycotting the taxed goods.
What were the Townshend acts? Taxes on Paint oil lead glass paper and tea
Why was the Townshend act repealed? Was repealed to ease Boston
What is the Boston tea party? Where the sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawk indians and dumped tea into the harbor.
What happened after the Boston Tea party? The king was outraged and closed Boston Harbor until all of the tea was payed for.(Coercive acts)
What is the Tea Act? Tax on tea.
What was the purpose of the tea act? To show the colonists that Britain was still in control.
What is the Boston Massacre? Is where British troops fired upon a group of colonists.
How many died at the Boston Massacre 5 Colonists died.
What are the intolerable acts? They are a series of punishable acts as a result of the Boston tea party.
What did the intolerable acts do? Replaced Governor Hutchinson with General Thomas Gage. Citizens had to house British troops. British officials would be sent back to Britain for trial instead of at Boston Cancelled Massachusetts charter Took away Massachusetts Self governing rights.
What was the First continental Congress? Was a group of people who acted like a government and tried to make peace with King George.
Was the First Continental Congress a success? No, they got little things but did not reach their main goal.
First Continental Congress told everyone to? Continue Boycotting British goods.
What were the battles of Lexington and Concord? Where militiamen stood up to British troops. First battle was at Lexington. Militia men ere gravely outnumbered and retreated.
Why did British troops march out towards Concord? They heard that there were Colonial weapons and leaders there and went to seize them.
Why did British troops find nothing? The colonists had hid the weapons and leaders elsewhere.
What happened to the British on the way back to Boston? They were fired upon by thousands of militia men all the way back to boston.
What major Peice of paper did the second continental congress make? The Declaration of Independance.
Why did the Continental congress meet again? To try and gain their freedom.
Created by: 19sundheimera