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Causes of the AR

The Taxes and other things put on the colonists by Great Britain

when and where did the first continental congress meet? September 5th to October 26th 1774, in Carpenter’s hall in Philadelphia.
How many of the 13 colonies met? who did meet there 12 georgia did not join
The coercive acts started on March 28 1774.
“This meeting can do no more to save the country”,was said by who Sam Adams
The Boston Massacre was on March 5th 1770.
How many colonists died 5
Decided to make a continental army, making who the head of it George Washington
The congress created what during the 2nd continental congress The Declaration of independence
Sent olive branch petition and what happened King George 3 didn't even read this petition because his army got beat by nobodys
They colonists weren't happy because it gave the East India Company a monopoly with tea.
50 men dressed up like who Mohawk Indians,
thrown how many chests of tea into the sea. 350
This first battle was at Lexington
On the march before heading back to Boston, the British went to Concord to steal who and what rebel ammo, but found none and John Hancock and Samuel Adams
his was because the rebels moved them because of who Paul Revere, William Dawes, and others
On way back to Boston, the redcoats were attacked by who thousands of militia members
This was taxed on lead,paint,glass,tea, and paper
This was also for the who colonists
Colonists began doing what to these goods boycotting
Hancock was a member of who sons of liberty
sons of liberty attacked the houses of the British officials who seized John Hancock's what ship
Gov of Massachusetts closed the what,and brought who in 1768 . closed the legislature,British troops to restore order
The British Parliament had put a tax on what all paper goods
this was mainly for the colonists to have money for what war "The French and Indian War.
The Sons of Liberty", had people stop buying papers, etc.Another word for stop buying is boycott
The Stamp Act Congress, which had 9 colonies, had came together to do what repeal the stamp act.
The Quartering act is to do what - The colonists had to house and feed the troops
Closed the Boston harbor until what the tea was paid for
Canceled the Massachusetts charter who took control of the government GB
The troops did any crime where would they go they will go back to Britain for trials
Governor Hutchinson kicked out of office and who became gov General Thomas Gage
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