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Causes of A.R.

What was the Stamp Act? A tax on paper products
When was the Stamp Act enforced? 1765
What was the money from the Stamp Act used for? To pay soldiers who fought in the Seven Years War
Why did the colonists hate the Stamp Act? They saw it as a violation of their rights
What were the Townshend Acts? A group of laws to raise revenue in the colonies
When were the Townshend Acts enforced? 1767
How many of the Townshend Acts? Five
When was the Boston Massacre? March 5, 1770
How many colonists were killed in the Boston Massacre? Five
How did the Boston Massacre start? An argument between an apprentice wig maker and a British officer
What was the Tea Act? A tax on tea
Why did the British enforce the Tea Act? To pay the financially troubled British East India Company
What did the Tea Act lead to? The Boston Tea Party
When was the Boston Tea Party? December 16th, 1773
What happened at the Boston Tea Party? A group of disguised colonists dumped 243 crates of British tea into the Boston Harbor
What were the Intolerable (or Coercive) Acts? A group of acts enforced by Britain to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party
What specifically were the Intolerable Acts? The closing of Boston Harbor, Boston's self governing rights were taken away, British officials could not be tried in America, colonists are required to house British soldiers and Governor Hutchinson was replaced by Thomas Gage.
What was the First Continental Congress? A convention of delegates from all the colonies to discuss plans of action.
What colony failed to send delegates? Georgia
What document did they propose and send to Britain? Plan of Union
When did the Battle of Lexington take place? April 19, 1775
How many Minute Men were killed at the Battle of Lexington? Eight
Who was the first man hit by a shot at the Battle of Lexington? Prince Esterbrook
What did the British want in Concord? They wanted the colonist's stash of guns and ammunition stored there
Did they find the supplies in Concord? No, the colonists had moved them
What were the name of the two riders that warned the countryside of the British? Paul Revere and William Dawes
Who won the first battle of the American Revolution? The colonists
What happened at the Second Continental Congress? They created a Continental Army with George Washington as its commander and authorized the printing of money. They also created a standing committee to conduct relations with foreign governments. They also wrote the Olive Branch Petition to try for peace.
Created by: 19DelsignoseV