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Causes of AR

Causes of American Revolution

What was the stamp act? The stamp act was a tax on any paper items.
Why was the Stamp act placed? Because the British needed money because they just fought in the 7 years war and because they protected the colonies they made them repay.
How was the Stamp act ended? It was ended because the colonies started to boycott all paper products so then the merchants in Boston started to complain and under pressure the British Parliament repelled the stamp act.
What was the townshend acts? It was a tax on Glass, paper, paint, lead, and tea.
Why was it hated so much? It allowed tax collectors to search for smuggled goods without a search warrant.
What happened to Hancocks ship, the Liberty? The British seized it on suspicion of smuggling.
What happened after the Townshend acts ended? The British sent troops to restore order in Boston.
What happened in the Boston massacre? An argument had started between an apprentice and a British soldier. Some colonists join into the argument. The riot began when about 50 citizens attacked a British Sentinel. A British officer of the Sentinel called on additional soldiers.
What happened in the Boston Massacre? part.2 These soldiers were also attacked so they took action and fired gunshots into the mob killing three people right away. Later two other people died. Two British soldier were later conflicted of manslaughter
What was the tea act? Gave East India company a Monopoly on the tea market in the colonies.The British lifted the duty on the tea brought in making the tea cheaper Three British boats loaded with tea pull into Boston Harbor but the colonists refuse to have them unloaded.
Why did Britain give the east India company a monopoly? Because the east India company was going bankrupt
What did the colonists do to get rid of the tea act? The formed a group of people to run onto the ships dressed as mohakian Indians and dumped the tea into the harbor. This event was later named the Boston tea party
What was the Boston Tea Party? It was a rebellious act formed by the sons of liberty to go up against the tea act.
Who constructed the Boston Tea Party? The Sons of liberty
What was the British governments reaction? They were really mad and they made another act call the coercive acts
What were the coercive acts? A serious of 5 acts enflicted in Boston. Boston Port Act, which closed the port of Boston until damages were paid.Massachusetts Government Act, restricted Massachusetts; democratic town meetings and turned the governor's council into an appointed body.
What were the coercive acts? Part.2 Administration of Justice Act, made British officials immune to trials in Boston.Quartering Act, required colonists to house British troops on demand. And lastly governor Hutchison was kicked out as governor and was taken over by British military hands.
What did the Colonists call the Coercive acts? The intorrable acts
What was the first Continental Congress? An illegal congress made by 12 of the 13 colonies to try to protest and figure things out so Boston and every else can be treated fairly by Britian. This was a failure but they told the citizens to keep boy cotting goods.
Where did the first battle of the American Revolution take place? On Lexington green
Where did the second Battle take place? In concord
Who warned the militia that the red coats were attacking? Paul Revere and William Dawes. They warned the people by going through towns shouting and on a church towers they put up two layers which meant the British were going by sea and 1 meant by land
What were the British's goals in concord? They were going to capture colonial leader John hancock and Sam Adams. Also they were going to destroy all of the rebels weapons and gun powder
Did they accomplish these goals? Why or Why not? NO they didn't because the patriots were there to stand in there way
Who won the first conflict? The rebels
What was the second continental congress? created in May 1775 in Philadelphia. creates the continental army. George Washington is appointed leader as Continental army. authorizes the printing of their own money. They sign the Olive Branch Petition to attempt peaceful resolution.
Why did king George the third refuse to read the petition? Because he wanted revenge
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