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Causes of A R

Causes of the American Revolution

When was the Boston Massacre? March 5, 1770
What were the Colonists doing to the British Harassing them with snowballs
How did an inaccurate engraving of what happened after the Boston Massacre Paul Revere
Boston Tea party was a protest of what group Sons of Liberty
What company had the monopoly and had the tea in the harbor East India Company
Sons of liberty dressed as what indians
Happened on what date December 16, 1773
Coercive or intolerible acts happened because of what Boston Tea Party
3 Coercive acts .Boston port act, closed Boston ports .Massachusetts act, Put down the Boston Government and appointed British . The Administration of Justice Act, made British not be able to be trialed in colonies
2 Coercive Acts The Quartering acts, Colonists had to house British Later added to coercive acts, replace colonists afficaaills with british
first continental Congress met because? in response to coercive acts
two colonists from every colony but Georgia met because of First continental congress
First continental congress met in Philadelphia
After the First continental Congress they had completed in doing? Sending a peace letter to the King which he didn't read, and telling the colonists to keep boycotting the British
Tax on all papers, playing cards, letters, everything Stamp act
British started doing these cause they were tight for money Taxes
caused Boston tea Party Tea tax
Townshend acts taxed Paper, glass, paint, oil, and most importantly tea
Tea tax taxed? tea
Battle of Lexington and concord were the first battle of the american revolution
British troops left Boston to capture who and what To capture ammo cache at concord and John Hancock and Sam Adams
Who warned colonists about approaching BRitish Paul Revere and William Dawes
British won the battle of Lexington
Colonists won the conflict
Were Adams and Hickok caught, what happened to colonist cache no they were warned and got away, colonists hid cache
minute men (militia) kept driving driving the British back to Boston
What side lost 73 men and had 174 wounded British
formed to help deal with war Second Congressional Congress
Formed small groups to deal with foreign affairs Second congressional Congress
Second congressional congress formed this to fight British Continental army
Continental army appointe general George Washinginton
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