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American Revolution

Causes and Battles of the American Revolution

When did the Boston Massacre occur? May 5th, 1770
What happened during the Boston Massacre? A citizen was harassing and using verbal abuse against a British soldier. More people were then coming to the citizens aid, while 8 other troops came to help the soldier.
Who fired the first shot for the Boston Massacre? The colonists were throwing snowballs and other objects at the British soldiers, so they fired into the crowed with no specific order to do so.
How many people were injured or killed during the massacre? The British had injured six colonists, and killed five others.
When was the Boston Tea Party? December 16th, 1773
How did the colonists hide themselves when they went to dump the tea into the Boston Harbor? The colonists were dressed up as Mohawk Indians.
How much tea did they destroy? 342 chests of tea (90,000 pounds of tea or 45 tons)
Who did the Boston Tea Party? The Sons of Liberty.
How long did it take for the Boston Tea Party? It took them three hours to dump all the tea into the harbor.
What were the Coercive Acts? Also known as the Intolerable Acts, they punished the colonists for the Boston Tea Party.
What did the Coercive Acts end? They ended self government in Massachusetts.
How many acts made up the Coercive Acts? A series of four acts.
Who made up the First Continental Congress? All colonies, except Georgia, sent in delegates to represent their state.
Where did the people in the FCC meet? They met in Carpenters Hall, in Philadelphia.
When did the FCC meet? From September 5th, to October 26th 1774
What was the first action that the FCC took? They boycotted British goods, although, for many weeks, all they did was talk and discuss matters.
When did the Stamp Act occur? 1765
What was the Stamp Act? It taxed the colonies on their printing products (magazines, paper, playing cards, etc.)
What was the purpose of the Stamp Act? To help pay for the Seven Years War (French and Indian War) that the British had fought.
What is a British Parliament? The Parliament is a British government body.
What did the Stamp Act Congress do? They tried to get Parliament to not have the Stamp Act any more.
What happened to the businesses during the Stamp Act? The businesses were going out of business over in Great Britain, so they asked that the Act be removed.
When were the Townsend Acts passed? 1767
What did the Townsend Acts tax? Lead, paper, paint, tea, and glass products.
What was the Townsend Acts supposed to have the money go for? The money would go to the judges and governors so they would be loyal to Great Britain.
What were the Writs of Assistance? The Writs of Assistance were allowing tax collectors to just come into one colonists house and search for smuggled goods without a search warrant.
Who were the two riders during the Battles of Lexington and Concord? Paul Revere and William Dawes while the third member rode out from somewhere else.
Why did the British come to Lexington and Concord? They came to capture John Adams, John Hancock, and their fire arms.
Who fired the first bullet of the American Revolution? No one knows who fired first.
Where was the first fight held? The first fight was fought in Lexington.
Who won the first battle? And who won the second? The first was won by the British, although, the militia men were the ones to succeed when the second battle came.
When did the Second Continental Comgress start? May 1775
What did the S.C.C. do to stop the British? The S.C.C. lead an army called the Continental Army, which was lead by George Washington.
What did the S.C.C. do to help their economy? The S.C.C. was able to make their own money and give it to the rest of the colonies to help fund for everything that they were loosing.
When was the Tea Act first passed into the colonies? It was passed into the colonies by British Parliament in April 27th, 1773, but reached the colonies in May 10th, 1773.
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