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american revolution

what was the stamp act? the british put taxes on things only for the colonies, to pay for the troops being sent to north america. the colonists did not like this because people were not buying things as much because of the tax. boycotts were started to act against the stamp act.
what were the townshed acts? this act allowed tax collectors to enter anyone's house in search for smuggled goods. John Hancock was a member of the sons of liberty who attacked the houses of British officials.
what was the Boston Tea Party The Boston Tea party was a protest on the tea sent from england to the colonies. It was a protest controlled by the sons of liberty. The sons of liberty denied the access to the sailors to unload the tea. The SOL dumped the tea off of the ships.
what was the Tea act? The tea act was an act that helped the east india company from going bankrupt. The british made tea cheaper, and loaded and sent ships of it to boston, where the colonists refused to unload it.
what was the boston massacre? It was when a group of people were arguing with the British, throwing rocks and ice balls at them. So the British fired on the colonists and killed five innocent men.
what were the coercive acts/Intolerable acts? The Intolerable Acts, called by the British the Coercive Acts or Punitive Acts, were a series of laws passed by the British Parliament in 1774 in response to the growing unrest in the American Colonies, particularly in Boston, for the boston tea party.
What was the first continental congress? was a meeting of all of the colonies, except Georgia, to discuss about the intolerable things that the British were doing to the colonists. This first congress was a failure.
what was the Battle of lexington and concord The british were going for the colonists weaponry and the british met the patriots in lexington where the british lost the battle. then the patriots ambushed the british and won the second battle.
what was the second continental congress? The continental congress creates the continental army. they appoint George Washington as the chief and commander of the continental army. They approve to print their own money to pay for the weapons and supplies.They are trying to find a peaceful solution
what were the sons of liberty? They were a group of colonists that wanted to lift the rediculess acts placed by the british. so they had secret meetings and worked endless hours until they won their freedom.
Created by: 19goedelm