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an item made through human or mechanical effort or by a process product
the opportunity to buy and sell products and/or services throughout the United States National Market
cloth or fabric; This industry was centered in New England text tiles
a material that contains iron and is used to make steel; The steel industry was centered in Pittsburgh iron ore
having to do with farming or the raising of animals agriculture
the production and sale of goods Market of industry
a person credited with building a particular industry caption
the act of replacing human workers with machines mechanization
a farm machine that gathers crops from a field reaper
Captain of Industry of Oil; started the Standard Oil Company john D Rockefeller
Captain of Industry of Steel; started the Carnegie Steel Company and owned the Homestead Works Steel Mill Andrew Carnegie
Captain of Industry of Automobiles; started Ford Motor Company and introduced the assembly line The auto industry was centered in Detroit Henry Ford
Captain of Industry of Shipping and Railroads. Cornelius Vanderbilt
an inventor who is credited for lighting and mechanical uses of electricity Thomas Edison
an inventor who is credited for developing telephone service Alexander Gram Bell
the act of attracting public attention to a product advertising
to enter and settle in a new country immigration
having to do with farm life rual
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