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The Natives

Native American Tribes: Creek&Cherokee

Who's the second largest group in the southeastern United States? Cherokee
Which tribe lived in the northern regions in GA because of the gold found in the Blue Ridge Mountains? Cherokee
What does matrilineal mean? tracing your ancestry through the mother's side of the family
Which tribe was The largest tribe in the southeastern part of the USA? Creek
In Georgia, who lived in the Piedmont & Coastal Plains region? Creek
Who's peaceful? Cherokee
WHo's warriors? Creek
WHat does assimilation mean? To blend in
Who Assimilated? Cherokee-they changed their language, schools, dress, and religion
Why did some Georgians want the Creek to assimilate into GA's plantation lifestyle? Major trading partner and lot of intermarrying between the Creek& GA
What caused tensions between Georgians and Creek Creek side with the British in the revolution Creek apposed slavery
Why did Chief Alexander McGillivary agree to sign the Treaty of New York? treaty creates a friendship between USA& supposed to be the last treaty (promise that the USA won't ask for anymore land)
What was resulted in the Creek losing 22 million acres of land? red stick war-(creek Civil War Battle of Horseshoe Bend Andrew jackson defeated Creek in the battle of horseshoe bend)
Which Creek Chief was murdered for signing the treaty that gave up the last of the Creek land in GA William McIntosh
What treaty gave up the last of the Creek land in GA Treaty of indian springs
GA's perspective towards McIntosh is what they like him better because he was willing to give up land
What does the word clan mean extended family
Created by: ewoodham