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African History Quiz

Benin and Oyo, Dahomey

who forms the largest language group of modern nigeria the Yoruba
who are the kingdoms of the forest? Ife and Benin
what does Yoruba mean? a hausa name for the people of the Oyo empire
where did yoruba live (area and house) in modern nigeria and in small villages
what were main yoruban jobs mixed farmers,hunter and traders
"the god of the sky"-Yoruba Olorun
founding ancestor of Yoruba Oduduwa
first yoruba state Ife
what is the yoruba myth of creation Olorun (god) lowered Oduduwa (ancestor) down to earth at Ife. Oduduwa founded first state and his sons dispersed to the other Yoruba kingdoms
what are the kings of Yoruba called and where do they get their power called the Oni. from direct descent from founding ancestor Oduduwa
what is yoruba royal revenue profits from trade, taxes on peasants
what is the economic basis of early yoruba states food surplus - to feed non productive rulers and artisans
Ife had great achievements in what art-wood and ivory carvings, terracotta and bronze heads, benin-ivory salt cellars
why did early yoruba states have food surplus fertile soil. lots of rain.varied environment (range of root and cereal crops and domestication of animals)
What did Yoruba trade with people of Sahara gave food, kola nuts, and ivory in exchange for copper and salt
what do we call Benin people edo speaking people
where is benin located southeast of Ife towards Niger Delta deep in the forest
how was benin initially organized? later? small village chiefdoms-->centralized city state at Benin
what are the rulers of Benin called Oba
how does the Oba get his authority same way as yoruba-from claiming direct descent of the Oduduwa
what are the rulers of Ife called Oni
What is the dynasty name in Benin in c.1000 Ogiso Dynasty
what is the oral tradition of Benin the Edo were dissatisfied with their king so they sent emissaries to Ife and asked that one of his sons be sent to rule over them. the Oni sent them Prince Oranmiyam
achievements of Oba Ewuare (c 1440) powerful army. expanded benin into an empire. strengthened administration by selecting his own district chiefs. initiated major public works. stable succession system
achievements of Oba Esigie (c 1504-1550) meritocracy. established diplomatic relations with portugese
meritocracy power based on achievement
what is the relationship between benin and portugese Benin sold war captives to the Portuguese who were exported to the Akan in exchange for gold
what was the main export from Benin to coastal Europeans pepper, ivory, gum and cotton cloth
What fastracked the decline of Benin selling of its own people into slavery. importation of firearms (loss of labor, lots of killing)
what does Benin court art depict? bronze, brass and copper heads honor and commemorate their obas. portugese were also depicted in some copper plaques
Factors leading to rise of Oyo 1.location - savannah woodlands north of tropical rainforest. 2.region climate ideal for growing cereal crops 3.powerful trading position between yoruba of the forests and the hausa of the north tsetse fly (yes horses) 5.strong army
what is Oyo another Yoruba state that surpassed Ife
when and who founded Oyo 14th c by a descendant of Oduduwa
what are sources of revenue for alafins (kings) of oyo slave labor on royal farms. tribute from towns. tax on trade between coast and hausa land. sale of surplus slaves
what benefit did expansion bring to the Oyo conquest of Allada brought direct access to the Atlantic trade with Europeans
Oyo's main imports from the coast include firearms, cloth, metal goods, cowrie shells
Oyo's main exports horses and war captives
what has oyo became known for trading slaves
what are the kings of oyo called alafin
what is oyo mesi council of senior family notables who choose the alafin
describe the government of oyo Alafin has limited power because of checks and balances. make sure that the king's power is in check. Can make alafin commit suicide but one member of oyo mesi has to die with alafin
who had veto power over the oyo mesi ogboni
Enunchs highest rank of Oyo staff of officials. 1. guard alafins wives and children 2.tried cases 3. sango cult 4. administrative, military, and t=revenue collectors
ilaria and ajele chiefs part of oyo staff. lived at courts of conquered states
ona ofa part of oyo staff. in charge of justice
ward chief part of oyo staff. members of different compounds
alafins court part of oyo staff resolved serious matters between different wards, usually appeals and criminal cases. alafins political spokesperson
what did the Oyo believe in (religion) a supreme deity called Olorun. and lesser gods including shange, ogun, esu, and ifa. and life after death
decline of oyo 1. disputes between alafin and oyo mesi 2.growth of coastal trade in slaves and firearms 3.overdependence on slaves 4.regional rebellions (rise of Fon of Dahomey)
Dahomey was founded by who Aja speaking people
where is the capital of Dahomey Abomey
who is the king of Dahomey? what does he call himself King Wegbaja calls himself owner of the land - direct control over the land so he can tax food heavily
what is cult of kingship annual celebration in dahomey where they make human sacrifices to honor gods and royal ancestors
king agaja significance Dahomey king, tried to abolish slave trade by inviting Europeans to estbalish plantations worked by slave labor in his empire
what is a planned economy in dahomey state or king owns the land and peasants cultivate it
the yoruba are known throughout the world for what artistic achievements
Created by: simmonsss
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