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US History - Unit 4

Unit 4 Vocabulary list

Social Mobility Ability of a person to move from one social class to another
Robber Barrons Name given to business tycoons that made millions through corruption and bribery.
John D Rockefeller Owner of Standard Oil Company and he became the world's first billionaire
Andrew Carnegie Business man that made millions in coal, steel, and railroad industry.
Ellis Island Landing site for Immigrants from Europe
Angel Island Landing site for Immigrants from Asia.
Muckraker A journalist that uncovers abuses and corruption in society
Upton Sinclair Author of the book The Jungle. His work investigated working conditions in meat packing plants.
The Jungle Book that brought to like terrible working conditions in meat factories in America. It led to reforms in that industry.
Pure Food and Drug Act Law that prohibited the manufacture, sale, and shipments of impure or falsely labeled food and drugs.
Trust A combination of companies organized together in order to limit competition (a type of monopoly)
Monopoly Total control of an industry by a single person or company.
Horizontal Integration When one company gains control of other companies in the same industry.
Vertical Integration When one company gets control of other companies that are supplementary to it.
JP Morgan Wall Street banker to helped bail the US out of debt. He became owner of US Steel, the first company worth $1 billion dollars.
Nativism Hostility towards immigrants.
Chinese Exclusion Act Limited the number of Chinese immigrants allowed in the US.
Progressive Party Political Party of Teddy Roosevelt in 1912.
Labor Union Organization of workers that fought for higher pay, shorter workdays and better working conditions
Tenements Run down apartment complexes in cities. Often made of wood and poor living conditions were common.
Sherman Anti-Trust Act Created to limit the ability of a company from becoming a monopoly or the single company that controlled an industry.
Gilded Age Name coined by Mark Twain to describe the era in American History from 1870-1900.
Haymarket Riot Chicago area labor protest that led to the death of 8 policemen after someone threw a bomb.
Pullman Strike Railroad strike that led to the shut down of the US railroad network.
Strike When workers stop working
Collective Bargaining When workers and owners negotiate terms of contracts together
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