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05 - China

China 6th grade

The person in charge of the government was called the emperor
The most fertile land in China North China Plain
Land that is good for farming is called fertile
Chinese writing was called calligraphy
Most people made a living by farming
They raised animals on grassland called steppes
This was built to keep out invaders and protect the empire Great Wall
His ideas were the Golden Rule and to show respect Confucius
An important trade route that made China rich and helped share ideas Silk Road
It was important to Honor and respect your ancestors. Ancestors is another word for your family
China is located on this continent Asia
Climate in China seasonal
Farmland cut into hills or mountains; it provided more food, was easier to water and prevented erosion terrace
Belief in many gods is called polytheism
These mountains separate China from India Himalaya
This dynasty was the longest. They liked Confucius & believed the Mandate of Heaven gave them the right to rule. They also built irrigation systems. Zhou
This dynasty was short because it was mean & strict. It built a Clay Army and bridges and roads, but also had people spy on each other. Qin
This dynasty started using bronze and invented the first writing in China. They honored their ancestors and started Chinese New Year. Shang
This dynasty used the Silk Road to become rich. They started public schools and had lots of inventions. Han
This idea was to turn to nature and give up your desires & concerns. It also promoted peace. Daoism
A series of rulers from the same family was called a dynasty
The Chinese kept how to make this awesome fabric a secret so they could be rich silk
This invention changed the way wars were fought and led to fireworks being made gunpowder
Confucius was considered a teacher or thinker who had ideas to save China. He is also called a philosopher
Religion started by Siddharta Guatama in India; believes in 4 Nobles Truths & middle path. Very popular in China Buddhism
Created by: jillrausch
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