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Apush Unit 6

Study for Unit 6 Test: American Pageant Apush

Who were the main enemies of the Federalists? The Jeffersonians.
How did Hamilton attack the president? He, indiscreetly, wrote an offensive pamphlet to the president.
What did the Jeffersonians do when they found out about the pamphlet sent to the president? They published it to the public.
What was the Revolution of 1800? The running of Adams and Jefferson for president. Resulted in a transfer of power from one party to the other.
What were Jefferson's two Nick Names? Long Tom and Red Fox
Why was Jefferson called Long Tom? He was 6'2"
When was Jefferson Inaugurate? March 4, 1801
What was a precedent set by Jefferson (until Wilson's presidency)? The act of sending messages to Congress and been read by a clerk.
What was the era of good feelings? Why did it occur? There was only one political party. The Federalist party was completely broken apart.
What were the federalists then considered after their fall? They were considered traitors to America.
What was Jefferson's main goal? To undo the damages produced by the Federalists in the pro-French Hysteria.
What was the "death bed" Judiciary Act of 1801? Created 16 new federal judge-ships and other judicial offices.
What was one of Jefferson's first acts as President? Reducing military to roughly 2,500 units.
What was the biggest thing Jefferson did as president? The Louisiana Purchase. about 0.03 per acre.
Why was the Louisiana Purchase considered unconstitutional? It was not stated in the constitution that the President may purchase land from foreign countries.
What was the goal of the Louis and Clark expedition? Locate the Northwest Passage through a rive connecting from the Mississippi River to the Pacific.
How was Sacajawea important through the expedition? 1) She guided the expedition through the Rocky Mountaint. 2)One of the hostile chiefs was her brother. 3) She had a baby, sign of peace.
When was Jefferson re-elected? How many electoral votes? In 1804. Elected with 162 votes.
What is an embargo? Refusal to sell.
What is a Boycott? Refusal to buy or use.
Created by: jdrjr98