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American History

chapter 1-2&1-3

When was the Fugitive Slave Act? 1850
What did the fugitive slave law ask of? Required all citizens in north and south to catch runaway slaves if they helped runaways they would be fined or imprisoned
who said: "If the law required you to be the cause of injustice to another, then i say, break the law!" Henry David Thoreau
When was " Bleeding Kansas"? May of 1856
What was the Kansas- Nebraska act? A compromise to have popular soveignty in the new states of kansas and nebraska
What happened in Kansas after the Kansas Nebraska act border ruffians were voting and there were two seperate governments one in the North and one in the South
what were border ruffians? people from missouri who traveled in large armed groups to vote in the kansas government election.
where was the bleeding kansas attack? In Lawrence, Kansas
What happened during " Bleeding Kansas"? Pro Slavery groups attacked abolitoinists in Lawrence and burned many houses and offices. John Brown retaliated and killed five slavery supporters along Pottawatomie Creek
What happened in congress after bleeding kansas? Charles Sumner the senator insulted pro-slavery people such as Andrew P. Butler.
What happened after Charles Sumner insulted Andrew Butler?> Butler's cousin hit Sumner with a cane until he was unconsious
who developed the kansas nebraska act? Stephen A. Douglas
what was the wilmot Proviso? A bill passed in the house, but not senate that stated all land won from mexico should be free land
What were the parts of the compromise of 1850? -California would be free state -People would decide if the rest of the land (Utah and NM) would be free or slave states -No slave trading in the new land, but slaves were allowed -Fugitive slave law more strictly enforced
Who made the compromise of 1850? Henry Clay
Who won the 1852 election and who lost? Franklin Pierce #14 beat Winfield Scott
Who wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin? Harriet Beacher Stowe
Who won and lost in the election of 1856? James Buchanon #15 won Millard Fillmore and Freemont lost
Who was Dred Scott? A slave who lived with his owner in Illinois and Wisconsin (free states) and then back to Missouri where his owner died. Dred Scott sued for his freedom because he had once lived in free teritory
what was John C. Freemont's slogan when running for president? " Free Soil, Free speech, and Freemont."
Created by: a-dawg22