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Revolutionary Quiz

Who served as president of the Second Continental Congress? John Hancock
Where was the Second Continental Congress convened? Philadelphia
Who was named Commander of the Continental Army? George Washington
The Olive Branch Petition... (branch symbolized Noah's Ark with the dove and the Olive branch) asked KGIII for reconciliation
Who was appointed first Postmaster General? Ben Franklin
When Congress authorized a navy, who made the boats? Col. John Glover converted fishing vessels into armed ships!
Who replaced Thomas Gage? Maj. Gen. William Howe replaced Thomas Gage and became the Commander of all British troops in America.
Where was Fort Ticonderoga located? along the Hudson River near the New York-Vermont border
What did Fort Ticonderoga house? cannons and supplies
Who was Ethan Allen? he led the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont
Who was Benedict Arnold? led men from Western Massachusetts
What 3 major generals arrived in Boston? Sir William Howe, Sir Henry Clinton, and John Burgoyne came to assist General Thomas Gage.
Who led an army from Fort Ticonderoga? Brig. Gen. Richard Montgomery. He seized Montreal.
In the Battle of Quebec, who led a second army? Benedict Arnold. He led the army throughout Maine and joined forces with Montgomery in Quebec.
The French Canadians... provided little support to the Americans in the Battle of Quebec.
what was "Common Sense"? Thomas Paine's pamphlet that was published in Philadelphia. It sold over 150,000 copies.
France and Spain... decided to secretly aid Britain's "rebellious colonies" in 1776
the Second Continental Congress... 1. voted for Independence 2. approved the Declaration of Independence
What was the Staten Island Peace Agreement? Ben Franklin, John Adams and Edmund Rutledge met with Adm. Lord Richard Howe, who demanded that the Declaration of Independence be revoked
Who began a major offensive in the South? Maj. Gen. Henry Clinton joined forces with Lt. Gen. Charles Cornwallis
The Moore's Creek Bridge was... considered the "Lexington and Concord of the South"
North Carolina... voted in favor of independence in April
The British... were forced out of Boston and retreated to Canada
Washington... moved south from Boston and split his forces between Manhattan and Long Island
What was the goal of British command ? gain a surrender of the Continental Army
Where did Congress flee? fearing the British attack on Philadelphia, they moved to Baltimore
All dictatorial powers were given to... George Washington
_______ _______ ________ chased _______ ________ across the ________ ______ into _____________ and sent a bulk of his _______ back to _______ General William Howe chased General Washington across the Delaware River into Pennsylvania and sent a bulk of his troops to New York
Created by: SSSullivan