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Unit 4


Federal System the sharing of power between the central and the state SENTENCE: The U.S shares the Federal System with the gov't.
Statues Position or rank EXAMPLE: Military (Air forces)
Census Population count take by the census Bureau
Commute to reduce a criminals sentences
Parole 2 grant a prisoner an early release from prison, with certain restrictions
Civil Case Person or group taking legal actions against another person and group SENTENCE:
Misdemeanors Relatively minor offense such as vandalism or stealing inexpensive items SENTENCE: John has 3 misdemeanors from stealing from the gov't.
Defendants Individual or group being sued or charged with a crime
County Normally the largest territorial and political subdivision of a state SENTENCE: N.C is the largest county.
County Seat Town where the county courthouse is located SENTENCE: The Central District used to be the county seat.
Ordinances a law, usually of a city or county EXAMPLE: Seat belts are to be warn in the State of NC
Incorporated to receive a state charter, officially recognizing the gov't of a locality
Charter Written document granting land and the authority to set up colonial gov't EXAMPLE: School rules and Regulations (handbook)
Home rule Allows cities to write their own charters, chooses their own type of gov't, manage their own affairs.
At- Larger Elections An election for an area as a whole
Public Policy The courses of action the gov't takes in response to an issue or problem EXAMPLE: Courts and Legislatures
Special District Unit of gov't that deals with specific function. EXAMPLE: Education
Balanced Budget Annual Budget in Which expenditures equal revenues.
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