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Unit 4 (KPD)


Federal System the sharing of power between the central and state governments
Statutes a law written by legislative branch
Census a population count taken by the Census Bureau
Commute to reduce a criminal's sentence
Parole to grant prisoner the an early release from prison, with certain restrictions
Civil Case person or group taking legal action against another person or group
Misdemeanors a relatively minor offense such as vandalism or stealing inexpensive items
Defendants an individual or group being sued or charged with a crime
County normally the largest territorial and political subdivision of a state
County Seat a town where the county courthouse is located
Ordinances a law, usually of a city or county
Incorporated to receive a state charter, officially recognizing the government of a locality
Charter a government document granting permission to organize a corporation
Home Rule allows cities to write their own charters, choose their own type of government, and manage their own affairs
At-Large Elections an election for an area as a whole; for example, statewide
Public Policy the course of action the government takes in response to an issue or problem
Special District a unit of government that deals with a specific function, such as education, water supply, or transportation
Balanced Budget annual budget in which expenditures equal revenues.
Example 1: Misdemeanor An example would be if someone went to Food Lion and stole a pack of gum. That is not very expensive therefore it is a misdemeanor
Example 2: At-Large Election An example would be a state-wide election or a city-wide election
Example 3: County An example would be Scotland County, Robeson County, Hoke county, and Cumberland County.
Example 4: Charter The Atlantic Charter is an example of a charter. The Atlantic Charter was proposed by President FDR and Prime Minister Winston Churchill. It stated what the world should be like after World War II.
Example 5: Special District Some examples of special district would be hospital authorities, civil utility districts, and transit authorities.
Sentence 1: Census The Census Bureau called my house today to perform a census.
Sentence 2: County Seat There is a county seat in Cumberland county. It is specifically located in Fayetteville.
Sentence 3: Defendant The defendant was found guilty and now owes me $100,000 for damaging my car.
Sentence 4: Parole He was found guilty of first degree murder and has no possibility of parole.
Sentence 5: Civil Case My case is a civil case because I was hurt in a car accident by a drunk driver. I am asking that the defendant pays all my medical bills and for my car damages.
Created by: kpd5373
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