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French & Indian War

French and Indian War Info

where was slavery legal the southern colonies
what was the middle passage the 3 month slave route where ships brought slaves from Africa to the Americas.
what was the middle passage like cramped, and deadly
what was a slave auction like they checked the slaves, bid, held them in chains.
what work did slaves do field work, servants, blacksmith
were slaves literate no
why werent slaves literate it would be easy for them to get a job if they were literate so owners kept them illiterate
what was the role of the cotton gin making cotton easier to clean and made the price of cotton decrease
what was the effect of the cotton gin a higher demand for slaves
what was the french and indian war over land such as the ohio valley
year the french and indian war started 1754
what was the albany plan a plan to create a general government for all the colonies
fort dugquense french fort that washington was sent to to kick french out of ohio river valley.
treaty of paris the treaty that ended the war
result of treaty of paris for french lost canadian possessions, claimed land to the east of mississippi river
result of treaty of paris for british canada, rights to carribean slave trade, and florida
result of treaty of paris for spanish french land west of mississippi and new orleans
british and indian relationship hostile relationship; british kicked them out of their land
french and indian relationship friendly; viewed eachother as trading partners
Fiddler broken slave who worked for John Reynolds, and gets treated well for his loyalty
kunta kinte defiant slave from guinea, who got broken by being whipped by ames
john reynolds kunta kintes owner who thinks a wise slave owner takes care of his slaves
iroguois tribes of indians that fought for britian during war
william pitt english politician who took over war planning in 1758
ben franklin creator of the join or die cartoon to unite the colonies
edward braddock first british general to come to america
george washington sent to for Le beouf to tell the french to stop building forts on british land
james wolfe british general who captured quebec in 1759
seven years war what they called the french and indian war in europe
irogouis confederacy 5 tribes of indians that fought for britain
proclomation of 1763 the colonists got the land east of the appalachian mountains, and the the indians got the land west of the mountaints
what did the english colonies get from the proclomation of 1763 land from the mississippi river to the atalntic
battle of quebec when james wolfe captured quebec
plantation large piece of land where slaves grow crops
what did the french want from the ohio valley beaver fur
cotton gin device that made cleaning cotton easier and increased the demand for slaves
ohio valley the land that the british and french were fighting over
guerilla warfare element of surprise
linear warfare fight in line formation
fasces symbol for strength in numbers
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