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OC CH 3 Revolution


What was the main reason the delegates met at the First Continental Congress? They wanted to discuss how to keep the peace with Britain, or whether or not they should go to war
What were two results of the First Continental Congress? Delegates sent King George III the Declaration of Rights and colonial militias were instructed to begin preparing for war
What was King George's reaction to the Declaration of Rights that the Congress sent him? He refused to listen or honor the colonists' requests
What was the "shot heard 'round the world" and when did it happen? It was the first shot of the American Revolution and it occurred at the Battle of Lexington
What were the results of the Second Continental Congress? Congress sent King George the Olive Branch Petition as one last chance for peace, and chose George Washington to be the commander of the Continental Army
Why did delegates send the Olive Branch Petition to King George? They were hoping that King George would listen to them and they could avoid going to war with Britain
What was the significance (importance, effect of) of the Battle of Bunker Hill? It showed the Redcoats that the colonists would not be easily defeated
What was the main effect of Thomas Paine's pamphlet, COMMON SENSE? It helped influence many colonists to want to break off from Britain
When was it decided that colonists should declare their independence (write the Declaration of Independence)? At the Second Continental Congress (They chose five delegates to be on a writing committee)
Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What was the significance of (importance, purpose of) the Declaration of Independence? It was the birthday of the U.S., when the colonies officially announced their independence from Britain
What is meant by "unalienable rights" and which ones are in the Declaration of Independence? These are rights that cannot be taken away; "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"
What happened on July 4, 1776? The Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence
What three groups were colonists divided into? Patriots who wanted independence, loyalists who wanted to stay with Britain, and colonists who were neutral about war or peace
The Declaration said all "men" have rights, but what people were not given the same rights? Women and enslaved African Americans
Why did a lot of young men join the Continental Army? Many were poor and didn't have many opportunities so signing up as a soldier was a chance for adventure and something new and exciting
What roles did women play in the Revolutionary War? They served as farmers, messengers, nurses, spies and even disguised themselves as soldiers and fought in battles
Did the Patriots win or lose most of the early battles in the Revolutionary War? Lose
What was the effect of the Patriots winning the Battle of Trenton? Many new soldiers signed up to fight because they were inspired by the victory
Why is the Battle of Saratoga referred to as a "turning point" in the war? It was a great victory for the Patriots, and after that the Patriots got help from European countries France and Spain
Who were some Europeans allies who helped the Patriots in the Revolutionary War? The Marquis de Lafayette (French) and Bernardo de Galvez (Spanish)
What did the Winter at Valley Forge show about the soldiers in the Continental Army? They were very dedicated to the war effort despite the terrible conditions during the harsh winter
Why was it challenging for the Continental navy to defeat the British navy? The Patriot navy was considerably smaller than the huge and powerful British navy
What was John Paul Jones' contribution to the Revolutionary War? He was a Patriot sailor who sunk hundreds of British ships during the American Revolution
What was George Rogers Clark's contribution to the Revolutionary War? He helped the Patriots in the West by gathering soldiers to fight for the colonists and keep the British from taking over small towns and trading posts
In what region of the colonies were the British most victorious during the Revolution? The Southern colonies - There were many loyalists who lived in the South
What was Patriot Francis Marion's contribution to the Revolutionary War? He used an effective type of fighting called guerrilla warfare, in which soldiers made swift hit-and-run attacks against the enemy
What did George Washington's troops do to finally defeat the British at the Battle of Yorktown? The Continental troops and the French troops surrounded the Redcoats and forced them to surrender
What was the significance (importance, effect of) of the Battle of Yorktown? The Patriots defeated the British and ended the Revolutionary War
What was the treaty that marked the official end of the Revolutionary War? Treaty of Paris
What role did Benjamin Franklin play in the Treaty of Paris? He went to Paris and helped with the negotiations (peace talks) between the U.S. and Britain
What were the terms of the Treaty of Paris? (What did the treaty say?) It determined (established) America's borders, Britain officially recognized the independence of the U.S., and Americans could settle and trade in the lands west of the original 13 colonies
What is July 4, 1776 also known as? Independence Day: The day the United States was born/birthday of the U.S.
What was Patrick Henry's famous contribution to the American Revolution? He made an influential speech in the Virginia legislature to convince delegates to vote to break away from Britain with the powerful closing sentence "...give me liberty, or give me death."
In the Battle of Lexington-Concord, why were the British troops marching to Concord? They were going to find and destroy a storehouse of colonists' weapons
What is another name for the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness mentioned in the Declaration of Independence? Natural rights
What is another name for British soldiers? Redcoats
What were the men in the colonial militias called? Minutemen (ready at a "minute's" notice)
What was the main purpose of Thomas Paine's COMMON SENSE? To persuade colonists that they should become independent from Britain because they deserved a better government
Why did many colonists remain loyal to Britain? They considered themselves British subjects, respected King George, and felt that the colonies benefited from Britain's protection
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