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Ch. 3- Early America

Ch. 3- The Indians Of New Mexico

Which Native American Indians did not share a common language? Pueblo Indians
Because the Pueblo Indians did not share a common language, what did this do to the Pueblo Indians? It created a separation among the Pueblo Indians.
What does the word "pueblo" mean? town
What did the Pueblo Indian houses resemble? giant stairways
What material did the Pueblo Indians use to assemble their houses? adobe
In what areas of the Southwest were the pueblos located in the 1500s? Taos area
What was the center of pueblo life for the Pueblo Indians? Religion
The Pueblo religion is considered to be _______________. polytheistic
What is called the spirit of an ancestor and messenger of the Pueblo Indian god? Kachina
Because water was limited in the Southwest, what type of farming did the Pueblo Indians practiced in this region? dry farming
What practice did the Pueblo Indians used to not wear out the soil they farmed on yearly? crop rotation
In the west Pueblo social structure, what was considered to be very important among social units? Clans
What type of society traces their blood relation through their mother's blood-line? Matrilineal society
____________ is a word that means a half or either of two fairly equal parts among the Pueblo Indians? Moiety
What type of society traces their blood relation through their father's blood-line? Patrilineal society
What two Non-Pueblo tribes in New Mexico share a common language? Navajo and Apaches
What same language do both of these Non-Pueblo tribes share? the Athabaskan
What tribe has the largest Indian Reservation in the U.S.? Navajo
What is the name of the Navajo houses? Hogans
In what region do the Navajo Indians live in New Mexico? Northwest
How large is the Navajo reservation in the U.S.? 25,000 Square Miles
What are the three types of Apache Indians? Mescalero, Jicarilla, and Chiricahua
What does the word "Dine" mean that both Navajo and Apache Indians call themselves? The People
In what area in New Mexico do the Mescalero Apache live in? South-Central New Mexico
In what area in New Mexico do the Jicarilla Apache live in? North-Central New Mexico
Which Apache group no longer lives in the New Mexico region? Chiricahua Apaches
Who was in charge of the religious rites for the Navajo Indians and is also known as the Navajo medicine man? The Shaman
What type of rituals would the Navajo medicine men use for sand paintings? Curing Ceremonies
In what type of home did the Mescalero and Jicarilla Apaches lived in? Tipi
In what type of home did the Chiricahua Apache lived in? Wickiup
How did the Mescalero Apache got their name? From the agave plant they ate called mescal
What name did the Spaniards called the Chiricahua Apache? Gila Apache
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