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7th Ringcard 70-89

Ringcard Vocab 70-89

Moses Austin received approval from Spain to bring American settlers to Texas, died and passed task on to son.
Stephen F. Austin (SFA) after Mexican Independence from Spain he gained approval from Mexican government to bring American settlers to Texas. (first empresario)
Old Three Hundred first organized group of U.S. settlers, which included 300 families brought by SFA and settled in Austin’s colony.
Martin de Leon only empresario to found a primarily Mexican colony.
Erasmo Sequin a representative from Texas, helped write the Mexican Federal Constitution of 1824, which encouraged U.S. immigration to Texas.
Tariffs taxes on imported goods.
San Felipe de Austin capital of Austin’s colony.
Dictator leader with total control.
Immigration the movement of non-native people into a country in order to settle there.
Federalism form of government that distributes power between national and local governments.
Land titles documents that prove ownership of land.
Democracy a form of government in which people choose their leaders by voting.
Mexican Federal Constitution of 1824 established Mexico as an independent nation and was patterned after the U.S. Constitution.
Gone to Texas (G.T.T) when people left town without notice in order to escape hard times, debts, criminal charges, or to buy cheap land.
Plantations large scale farms that grow cash crops.
Empresarios business men gained land grants from Mexico and sold to incoming settlers.
Migration the movement of people from place to place.
Green DeWitt received a grant to settle 400 families in Texas, located in the Gulf Coastal Plains.
State Colonization law of 1825 encouraged the Empresario system which led to Anglo population growth in Texas.
Coahuila y Texas State created by the Mexican government in 1824 by combining the separate states of Texas and Coahuila.
Created by: darrin.jones
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