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Chapter 3 History

Chapter Three: Colonial America

The name of the Spanish fleet of warships Spanish Armada
Name of the colony that disappeared and all that remained was carved "Croatoan" Roanoke
Crop introduced by John Rolfe Tobacco
Hardships that colonies at Jamestown face Disease and Starvation
Group of Protestants that wanted to REFORM the Anglican Church Puritans
Group of Protestants that wanted to LEAVE the church Separatists
Formal document written in 1620 that pledged Pilgrims' loyalty Mayflower Compact
Who helped the Pilgrims of the Massachusettes Colony after the first difficult winter Squanto and Samoset
Colony that was the first place where people could worship freely Rhode Island
Colony where the owner controls the land and rules the government Proprietary Colony
Who the New York colony is named after Duke of York
How William Penn acquired land He received it as payment for debt
A person who refuses to fight in a war Pacifist
A person who pays for their passage to America and agreed to work without pay Indentured Servant
The act that granted Protestants and Catholics the right to worship freely Act of Toleration
Who opposed the Virginia colonial government's agreement to not intrude on Native American land Nathanial Bacon
Group of people that came from Europe to settle in the Georgia colony Religious refugees and Debtors
NOT a reason for the disappearance of Roanoke Colonists sailed back to England and lived in shame
After John Smith returned to England, the Jamestown Colony went through this hard time period The Starving Time
Who created the Rhode Island colony Roger Williams
What crop dominated North and South Carolina Indigo
A New England Colony Rhode Island
A Middle Colony New York
A Southern Colony Virginia and South Carolina
NOT a cause for the Salem Witch Trials Lack of strong religious beliefs
Created by: RaenaC