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Revolutionary War

Continental Army American army during the Revolutionary War
Common Sense pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in plain language setting forth the arguments for Independence; inspired colonies to fight for independence
Declaration of Independence Formal document declaring the 13 colonies independence from Great Britain to become independent states of a new nation, United States of America
Loyalists colonists who remained loyal to Great Britain
Patriots colonists who supported independence from Great Britain
Tories person who supported the British cause
Tarleton's Quarter British major who issued "no quarter" to patriots at the Battle of Waxhaws
partisans militia men who used guerrilla warfare tactics against the occupying forces
guerrilla warfare a strategy that relies on hit-and-run tactics; surprise attacks used by colonial partisans
William Moultrie Patriot leader at the Battle of Sullivans Island; palmetto fort named after him
William Jasper Patriot soldier who recovered the SC flag at the Battle of Sullivans Island when it was shot down; he held it on a temporary flagstaff under fire until a new staff was installed.
Thomas Sumter South Carolina partisan; known as the "Gamecock;" house burned by the British
Francis Marion South Carolina partisan; known as the "Swamp Fox;" left IOUs for supplies he took from Patriots
Andrew Pickens South Carolina partisan; known as the "Wizard Owl;" fought at the Battle of Cowpens
Battle of King's Mountain civil war within SC; patriots against loyalists; patriots win and is turning point for patriots
Battle of Saratoga Patriots win and France gives support to American colonies
Battle of Cowpens Morgan leads patriots to defeat British led by Tarleton; British driven out of Carolina
Battle of Camden British defeat patriots led by Horatio Gates; gives British control of colony
Battle of Eutaw Springs Pyrrhic Victory for British - victory at a high cost! Last major battle in SC; clearance of British from state
Yorktown Battle ending the war; Patriots win and Cornwallis surrenders.
Hessians German mercenaaries who fought for the British
George Washington Commander of the Continental Army
Lord Cornwallis Top British General in the South during the American Revolution; surrendered at Yorktown