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Slavery F&I War

Slavery and French and Indian war

Where was slavery legal? The Southern Colonies
What was the Middle Passage? A trade route between North America and Africa that was inhuman, dangerous, and cramped.
What was a slave auction like? Buyers could inspect slaves, ask them questions, examine physical conditions and study their abilities.
What types of work did slaves do? Butler, farm cotton, plantations, around the house work.
Slaves and Literacy. Didn't know how to read, write, or allowed to have an education.
What is the role of the cotton gin regarding slavery? The cotton gin made it easier to remove seeds from raw cotton.
What we're the French, British and Indians fighting over? Land, specifically Ohio River Valley. They also wanted beavers on that land for their fur.
When did the war start? 1754
What was the Albany Plan of Union? When Benjamin Franklin wanted all of the colonies to come together united.
What is Fort Duquense? French fort that George Washington was sent to to send French out.
What is the Treaty of Paris? French lost all land. Indians got land west of Mississippi river. England got all Canadian territory, Florida and commercial dominance in India.
British/Indian relations. British gave land to Indians after war.
French/Indian relations. French traded good things with Indians.
The Fiddler. A broken slave, gets more rewards than other slaves, responsible for Kunta Kinte.
Kunta Kinte An unbroken slave that was sent from Guinea and is being monitored by The Fiddler. American name is Toby.
John Reynolds Bought Toby at auction, owner of plantation and got Toby whipped.
Iroquois Allied with British in war, out of New York, early example of unity in America.
William Pitt Took over planning for war, English politician attacked french territories in Europe and Asia.
Created by: MaxBFSlave