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OH- Ch 4

Ohio Ch 4

Which countries showed an interest in the Ohio Country first? France and Great Britain
Which states made up the region known as the Ohio Country? Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania
What was the land called that Jacques Cartier explored? New France
What was Sieur de La Salle's job in New France? He ran a trading post
What did La Salle name the river that he explored? La Belle Riviere or The Beautiful River
Which country established the 13 colonies? Great Britain
What did Celeron do to stake a claim on the land that he claimed for the French? buried a lead plate
Who started the French and Indian War? the French
What did the French build along the eastern border of the Ohio Country? forts
Who was supposed to be put in charge of the small British trading post near Pittsburgh? George Washington
What is the name of the war? The French and Indian War
Who were the allies in the war? The French and the Indians
Why did the French want the land? to set up trading posts
Why did the English was the land in the Ohio Country? To buy and sell the land
Why do you think that the Indians became allies with the French? They wanted to live peacefully (freely) on the land
What was seen as the final defeat on the French in this war? The French lost Quebec
Which paper ended the war? The treat of Paris
What did the treaty give to the British? They got all of the French land in North America
Why did Pontiac start the war in 1763? He did not like that the British were controlling the land.
What was the outcome of the war started by Pontiac? The Native Americans lost
What was the British plan to keep peace with the Native Americans? The British said that no other colonists would be allowed to move into the area of Ohio.
What is a squatter? They were people who settled and took land that wasn't theirs
How did the Native Americans react to the squatters? They were furious and started raids
What was Logan's Lament about? An indian was betrayed by the colonists
Which document declared the colonists' decision to free themselves from British rule? The Declaration of Independence
The British wanted the colonists to pay ________? taxes
What is the war fought by the American colonies to end British rule? The American Revolution
The British tried to get the ______________ to help them battle the colonists. Native Americans
A ________________ leader named ________________ agreed to fight the American colonists of the Northwest. Shawnee and Cornstalk
By the spring of __________ the American Revolution was over 1783
In __________, the Americans developed the ______________ as a basis for setting up their own government. 1777, Articles of Confederation
The _____________ decided what to do with the land to the west of the Appalachian Mountains Congress
The ___________ called for the land to be surveyed. The land was then divided into _________________. Northwest Ordinance, Northwest Territory
What are the 3 steps to become a state? 1. Choose a governor, secretary, and 3 judges. 2. have at least 5,000 white males in the territory to vote in a legislature. 3. 60,000 people living in a territory could then write a constitution and ask to become a state.
Who was the first governor of the Northwest Territory? Arthur St. Clair
The Northwest Ordinance forbid _____________. slavery
What year did Ohio become a state? 1803
A scout named _____________ helped to make a road through the Appalachian Mountains. The path was called __________. Daniel Boone, Wilderness Road
Pioneers used the Ohio River to travel too. They packed all of their belongings on a ___________________ and floated down the river. flatboat
The fist permanent settlement in the Northwest Territory was called _______________. Marietta
Two of the next settlements were along the Little Miami River. They were ___________ and _______________. Columbia, Losantivilee
These two settlements combined to become ___________. Cincinnati
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