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Industrialization and immigration stack

18th Amendment Outlawed the making, sale, and transporting of alcoholic beverages.
Agrarian Society a society were most people make their living by farming.
Alexander Graham Bell The person who invented the first telephone.
Angel Island A processing center for immigrants on the West Coast (many Chinese went through here).
Assembly Line A method of mass production in which a product is put together as it moves past a line of workers.
Blue Laws Laws designed to solve social problems, such as alcohol abuse.
Capitalism An economic system where goods and services are privately or corporately owned and individuals are free to own or work for the business of their choosing with little government control. (Free enterprise)
Cultural Exchange The exchange of ideas, music, fashion and other elements through trade and travel.
Ellis Island A processing center for immigrants on the East Coast (mostly immigrants from Europe)
Entrepreneur Someone who creates his/her own business.
Ethnic Group Group of people who share the same customs and language.
The Food And Drug Administration (T.F.A.D.A.)
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