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WKMS Rebellion and C

WKMS Rebellion and Conflict: The Royal Colony of SC

Slave Code a series of laws aimed at controlling the enslaved populattion
Standing Army professional, permanent troops
What became the new western boundary of Colonial America after the French and Indian War? The Mississippi River
How did the slave trade effect SC's population? It created a population imbalance where slaves outnumbered white plantation owners in SC's low country.
Militia an army of private citizens
In which area of SC did Germans, Welsh, Swiss and Scotch-Irish settle in townships? Back (Up) Country
Which areas in North America did the British gain control of as a result of the Treaty of Paris of 1763 Florida, present day Canada, the land east of the Mississippi River
Which territory did Britain gain after the French and Indian War that protected SC? Spanish Florida
What is the region away from the coast that was just being explored and settled during the colonial period called? The Back Country
What plan was put in place to attract more white settlers to the Up Country? Township Plan
Which war triggered the Cherokee War in SC? French and Indian War
What did enslaved Africans experience during the middle passage? They were chained together and kept confined in small areas in the hold of a ship. They were fed poorly, given little water and breathed stale air.
Why were colonies so important under the economic system of mercantilism? Colonies supplied raw materials to the Mother Country and bought British manufacutured goods
In which area were all of SC's courts located before 1769? Low Country
What were two causes of the Stono Rebellion? 1)There were more slaves than white plantation owners in the Low Country 2)Harsh labor, punishments and laws controlling what slaves could do 3)The Spanish offered freedom to slaves who escaped to St. Augustine
In which region was the Regulator Movement widespread? Back (Up) Country
What ended the the Regulator Movement by creating courthouses and jails and providing sheriffs in the Up Country? The Circuit Court Act of 1769
What were the the Slave Codes of 1740? laws put in place to put restrictions on slaves
In which region was rice the most important crop? Low Country
Why did the French and their Indian allies begin fighting with the British in the colonies? The French and the British both claimed the Ohio River valley between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River.
Which region of SC was more concerned with attacks by Native Americans? Back (Up )Country
What did participants in the Stono Rebellion hope to accomplish? The enslaved Africans wanted to escape to Florida.
What caused the Regulator Movement to begin in the Up Country of colonial SC? limited government services like sheriffs or courts and no representation in the colonial government
What happened in SC as a result of the Stono Rebellion? 1) Slaves Codes were passed that required slaves to carry passes any time they left the plantation 2) 35 slaves and 25 whites died, 3) A tariff was placed on slaves imported from Africa in an effort to discourage bringing new slaves in from Africa
In which region would one find planters living on large plantations with slaves? Low Country
Rebellion an organized attempt to resist authority
How did the Spanish help cause the Stono Rebellion? They encouraged slaves to rebel or run away by promising them freedom if they made it to St. Augustine.
On which day of the week did the Stono Rebellion occur? Why? It took place on a Sunday because slaves didn't work in the fields on Sundays, the plantation owners and their families would be at church and it would take longer before anyone noticed the slaves were missing.
How many slaves were involved in the Stono Rebellion at first? How many more joined? 20 were involved at first, but in the end there were 100 slaves involved
How did the slaves get weapons and food They robbed a store and killed the owner to keep him from telling anyone about the rebellion.
Why was the rebellion not successful? They crossed paths with Lt. Governor William Bull and he called the militia; there was a battle and the rebellion was put down.
Vigilante A group of citizens who take the law into their own hands punish criminals
How did the Stono Rebellion impact white plantation owners. It increased the plantation owners' fears about controlling large numbers of slaves.
Why was SC an important colony under the economic system of mercantilism? SC. served as a source of rice and indigo for England.
Why was the Regulator Movement a problem in the Up Country? The Regulators took the law into their own hands and violated people's rights.
What happened as a result of the Regulator Movement? The Circuit Court Act was passed which provided justice, law and order for the Up Country.
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