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AH Test 11-7-14

Flashcards For The Test of 11-7-2014

Frederick Law Olmstead Landscape architect who laid the foundation for the building of city parks throughout the USA.
Mark Twain American author who wrote the "first modern American novels." He wrote in common, everyday language that was easily understood.
George Eastman He invented a small, inexpensive camera, the "Brownie" and brought photography within reach of American families.
Ida B. Wells One of the "muckrakers" of the Progressive Era, she exposed lynchings of black Americans in the South.
William Randolph Hearst Newspaper publisher who competed with Joseph Pulitzer for readers. His "yellow journalism" convinced many Americans to want a war with Spain.
"yellow journalism" The practice of exaggerating news stories to increase the sales of newspapers.
Louis Sullivan American architect who designed the first skyscrapers.
W.E.B. du Bois African-American writer who argued that black Americans should demand their rights immediately and not wait.
Booker T. Washington African-American educator who argued that first blacks had to prove they could be good citizens, and THEN they would achieve equal rights.
Marshall Field originator of the modern department store, "the customer is always right," window displays.
Wright Brothers invented the first self powered airplane and flew it at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 1903.
Edwin Drake designed and built the first successful oil rig that could pump oil to the surface from underground.
Eugene V. Debs socialist union leader; believed that the rich were too powerful and were taking advantage of workers.
Christopher Sholes designed the QWERTY keyboard, the same keyboard layout that is used today.
John D. Rockefeller wealthy industrialist and philanthropist who captured the oil refinery market and became one of the richest men in the world.
Thomas Edison inventor whose lab at Menlo Park, New Jersey, produced the practical light bulb, the phonograph, and the movie camera.
Mother Jones labor union leader who focused her efforts upon removing children from the workplace.
George Pullman he ran a successful company that manufactured sleeping cars. He created his own town for his workers to live in; Pullman, Illinois.
Alexander Graham Bell inventor of the telephone.
Andrew Carnegie created the steel industry in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Henry Bessemer developed a process for making steel cheaply.
Settlement Houses neighborhood homes turned into community centers designed to help immigrants adjust to American life.
row houses dwellings built together, with shared walls, in a row.
tenements apartment buildings, usually crowded and unsanitary, often the first homes for immigrants.
Chinese Exclusion Act first attempt of the US government to limit or ban immigration from a certain part of the world.
Americanization Movement efforts to help make sure that immigrants would adopt American culture and remain loyal to the USA.
Ellis Island immigrant processing center in New York City.
Angel Island immigration processing center in San Francisco, California.
nativism the attitude that the USA should be for the people already here, and immigration should be stopped.
Hull House the first settlement house, located in Chicago, and founded by Jane Addams.
Tammany Hall city hall headquarters in New York City that became famous for being corrupt, led by "Boss" Tweed.
Susan B. Anthony leader of the women's suffrage movement.
NAWSA worked to bring the right to vote to women.
muckrakers journalists, photographers, etc. who worked to bring social problems to the nation's attention.
Jacob Riis his photographs revealed social problems to the nation.
Upton Sinclair his book, "The Jungle" exposed the filthy conditions of the meat packing factories.
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory the fire and the loss of life at this place in 1911 prompted people to demand new laws regulating workplace safety.
Created by: Meriwether