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Ch 6 Quiz


what was the first continental congress formed from coercive acts
what were the three decisions that executed the complete boycott of all British goods in the first continental congress non-consumption, non-importation, non-exportation
why wasn't independence called during the first continental congress they wanted a repeal of all taxes
what would the colonists do if the taxes were not repealed they would meet again in May, 1775
what was the first fight of the american revolution lexington and concord
what year and where did lexington and concord take place 1775 in Massachusetts
what were the goals of the british troops in lexington and concord looking for illegal ammunition, capture the "rebel ring leaders", and Tomas Gage sent troops to Lexington and Concord
what were the decisions of the second continental congress create a continental army, and nominate George Washington as the Commander
what was Britains response to the second continental congress declared colonies in a state of rebellion, dispatched thousands of troops, and closed all ports
what was the only way to have Independence be allys with spanish and french
where was thomas paine from england
what were the 3 parts of the declaration of independence preamble, grievances, formal declaration of independence
Created by: 76er Historian