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Back Then

Social Studies 6th grade

what does Renaissance mean Re Birth
Who made the printing press Johannes Gutenburg
The travels of Marco Polo were One of the most popular books of the time
the science of planning and following route Navigation
long narrow ship that could carry many goods and travel quickly Caravel
Prince Henry the Navigator hired people to create better maps Ordered scientists to improve the compass and the astrolabe
figure out mosion of moon stars and sun =latitude Astrolabe
Compass found Longitude
lands ruled by a nation that won control of them empires
What continents did people only know about Europe, Asia, Africa
who thought it would be faster to go west Christopher Columbus
Risks of exploration ship could sink, find nothing valuable
Benefits riches
Who gives money to CC to explore for 3 years King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
What did CC promise to The King And Queen to spread catholic beleifts
When did CC leave Spain Augest 3, 1492
When did CC see land October 12,1492
Where did CC land San Salvador
John Cabot was England
Cabot's real name was Giovanni Caboto
Amerigo Vespucci was Italian
Name a German map maker that was in the time period of 1507 Martin Waldseemuller
America Was named after Amerigo Vespucci
De Balboa was Spanish
_____________________ Was the first to settle in Americas De Balboa
Was a bad farmer De Balboa
Ferdinand Magellan Portuguese
______________named the Pacific Ocean Magellan
Pacific Means peaceful
Magellan died in a _____________________________________ battle in the philippines
______________________was the first to go around the world Magellan
Conquistadors conqueror
Why Explore convert natives to christianity riches adventure national glory
juan ponce de Leon was from Spain
he was on ____________2nd voyage Columbus
Ponce de leon Con quered Puerto rico
He was seaching for years for the fountain of youth
Insted of finding the fountain of youth Ponce de Leon he found Florida
Florida means Flowery in Spanish
De Leon returns to Florida to start a settlement 1521
De Leon is _____________and dies wounded
First spanish explorer to set foot in us was De Leon
Hernado Cortes was from Spain
______________was sent to finmd gold in the land of the Aztecs Cortes
Many people didn't like the ____________ ruler Aztecs
aztecs beleived in a _____________________________would return to rule them Light skinned god
The Aztecs believed that ___________ was that light skinned god Cortes
Cortes takes ___________ prisoner ruler
What was the priest name that cortes sent Marcos de Niza
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was a ______________ explorer
Cornado explored ____________________ Southwestern us
Francisco Pizarro was from spain
180 soilders explored western coast of south america in ____________ 1531
Pizarro encounter the ____________________ incas
captured the __________________ leader inca
Pizarro demands a room filled with _________________________ gold and silver
What does Pizarro do to the inca leader he kills him ;(
Hernado do Soto was spanish
Who explored southeastern us de soto
Who was the first person was the first first europeans to see the mississippi river De soto
What was the worst war against mobile tribe
De soto died with a fever in 1542
What portion of land was claimed by the spain 1/2
When many things are happening in the catholic church that time was known as the reformation
People sent missionarries to convert native tribes to be Catholic
People enslaved many of the _____________ natives
spain kept returning with treasures from new land called Americas
THere were other european cultures still looking for a shortcut to __________________ Asia
The first country to find the route would control trade and become wealthy
Vorrazano was Italien
He set sail in 1524
Varranzo landed near present day North carolina
Varranzo then continued north
Varranzo made _________trips to the Americas 4
Jacques Cartier sent by France
Cartier on his first trip found mouth of St lawerance river and claimed it for France
2nd trip went up the _______________ river St. Lawerance
saw fish that loooked like a horse it was a Wallress
Cartier reached moredern day _____________ Montreal
Was stopped by _______________ had to turn back River rappids
Returns a 3rd time and reaches Quebac
Henry hudson made _______________ 4 voyages
1608 was hudsons first voyage
#rd trip payed by the Dutch east india company
spends a __________ exploring rivers in ny month
What river was named after Henry Hudson Hudson bay
claimed the entire _______________for the dutch Hudson valley
1610 Hudson ____________ took his last voyage
HUdson sailed the northern coast of North America
Hudson claimed for England
Hudson spends ________months exploring the bay 3
What month did henry's ship freeze in the ice November
His crew got mad and through _______________________ hudson + 8 crew members it a little boat
Created by: tfrie
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