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Activity 1D

How Does Where You Live Influence How You Live?

Main Idea The basic message in an informational passage.
Supporting Details The ideas, facts, and details that serve to explain and illustrate the main idea.
Sahara Desert The world's largest desert. Located in North Africa.
Population Density Map A map that shows the average number of people living in an area.
Antarctica A continent that is nearly one and half times the size of the United States. Also, the driest place on Earth.
Irrigation The process of bringing water to dry land.
Seismic Activity Earthquakes and other movements of Earth's crust.
Terrace Farming A way of altering the landscape by carving "steps" of level area into the hillsides so that agriculture could occur.
Urbanization The movement of people into cities.
Ganges River The longest river in India
Tarbela Dam One of the world's largest dams. Located in Pakistan.
Unintended Consequences People's actions often lead to effects they did not expect or foresee.
Created by: betsywellman