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Unit 5 Test Review

12. How do the Jim Crow laws relate to the decision to keep the Philippines? Both decisions based on the idea that these minority groups were not capable of governing themselves
21. List the reasons the US entered WWI. Sinking of the Lusitania (unrestricted submarine warfare) Zimmerman Telegram, cultural connection to Great Britain
24. Did the United States agree to the terms of the Treaty of Versailles? Why or Why not? No, because of A spirit of isolationism and fear of collective security, making them protect other nations even when it does not benefit America
14. What gave ships quick access from the Atlantic to the Pacific without going around South America? How did the United States gain control of this? Panama Canal Gained control through helping the Panamanians get independence from Colombia
22. What year did the US enter WWI? 1917
9. What was the major effect of the Spanish American War on the United States in terms of international affairs? Became a world power
23. List the main parts of Wilson’s 14 points. What were their intentions? freedom of the seas, ending secret treaties, reducing arms (weapons), self-determination of peoples, and creating an international peace organization Intentions: long lasting peace
11. The cartoon to the left deals with what US territory? Philippines
20. List the causes of WWI. Entangling Alliances nationalism-Serbian Self-Determination Imperialism-Competition for Colonies Militarism-Strong armies
7. List the reasons the US declared war on Spain. Explosion of USS Maine Yellow Journalism Concentration Camps
13. How did the Supreme Court decision “The Constitution does not follow the flag” affect newly acquired territories overseas? Areas gained after the Spanish American War were never offered Statehood or given the same rights as areas within the contiguous United States
15. The cartoon to the left says “debt collector” on the ship. This cartoon related to what 2 vocabulary terms? Roosevelt Corollary
3. List the reasons the US decided to expand beyond the contiguous United States. Raw materials Markets Farmers had a place to sell goods Felt superior Expanded Navy
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