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Muslim Empires Guide

How did the Umayyad empire take control of the muslim empire? By them using the official language of the Empire Arabic. Also, using the common coinage, instituting the Hajj to Mecca.
What is an emir? another name for a governor
WHat is a bureaucracy? departments and agencies that help keep the government running
How did the Umayyad unite the Muslim Empire? forming a bureaucracy, common Arabic language
How did the Umayyad lose control of the Muslim Empire By the Abbasid Empire killing the leaders and taking over of the whole empire
What happened at the "deadly dinner?" The Abbasid killing all the leaders of the Umayyads and took over the whole empire
Caliph Abd Malik - Made the official language of the empire Arabic; unified the Umayyad by creating a common coinage; instituting the Hajj.
Damascus Made the official language of the empire Arabic; unified the Umayyad by creating a common coinage; instituting the Hajj.
How did the Abbasid Empire take control of the Muslim Empire? They took control by, having the Umayyad Empire sign a treaty, and ended up that they started killing the leaders and taking control of their Empire
How did the Abbasid Empire hold onto their power? Standing Army, Trading Center, included people
What are the advancements of the Abbasid Empire? Prosperous Trade from Baghdad, skilled in calligraphy; (the art of fine handwriting); skilled in paper (more books = more learning); Arabic numbering system; Al-jabr and calculus;and the calendar
What factors led to the decline of the Abbasid Empire? Raised taxes; selfish money using; and banditry
How did the Abbasid Empire fall? the Mongols captured Baghdad and ended the Seljuk/Abbasid Empire
Baghdad Major trading Center
Standing Army Always on duty & always ready to fight
Inclusion Being included within a group or structure
How did Caliph Abd Al Rahman started the Andalus Empire? When he escaped the "deadly dinner", and he fled to Spain. Then, he became the leader of the remaining Umayyad Empire, and made the city of Cordoba his capital.
What are the qualities of the city of Cordoba that Caliph Rahman III found and promoted? Paved and lighted streets and public bath; smart people from all over the world came to Cordoba to share knowledge and ideas; Non-Muslims were invited; colleges, law school, planetarium, musicians, and poets; woman had many job opportunities
What are the major scholars of Cordoba? Al-Khwarizmi (Created the Arabic numbering system), Omar Khayyam (Created the accurate calendar), Ali Razi (a doctor who identified and described smallpox and measles
How did the Cordoba and the al Andalus fall he Cordoba and the al Andalus fell, because the Christian Kingdoms in the Northern Spain sought to take back the land of Umayyad Empire controlled. This was called reconquest.
Mercenary A professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army.
Reconquest To take their land back
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella They married and combined their armies to drive the Muslims out of Spain in 1492
What did the Muslim Empire do during the Middle Ages that made them so successful? Why were they so successful for such a long of a time? ome things that made them so successful was the Standing Army. The reason why they were so successful, was because the Abbasid Empire held onto power. Also, they were always working, and ready to fight. They also controlled with force.
-Al Khwarizmi Created the Arabic numbering system
Created by: Sahiba Randhawa
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