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Chapter 6

Road to the Revolution

Proclamation od 1763 issued by King George to keep peace by closing off the lands west of the Appalachian Mountains
Sugar Act British taxed sugar to pay for war debt
Quartering Act passed by the British required colonists to house British troops and provide them with supplies
Stamp Act requires all legal and commercial documents to carry and official mark showing a tax had been paid
Declaratory Act gave Parliment power over colonies
Townshend Acts placed import taxes on such products as glass, paper, lead, paint, and tea
Tea Act British taxed tea
Writs of Assistance gave British officers the right to search for smuggled goods in a home or business
Militia force of armed civilians
Minutemen militia trained to be ready at a minutes notice
Intolerable Act Parliament passed a series of laws to punish the Massachusetts colony
Sons of Liberty secret society opposing the British
Boston Massacre British soldiers fired into a crowd of colonial protesters
Boston Tea Party Men disguised as Mohawks destroyed tea aboard British ships
First Continental Congress delegates from all the colonies except Georgia met in Philadelphia to a) ban trade with Britain b) train troops
Boycott refusal to buy certain products
Patriots supported colonist
Loyalist supported British
Second Continental COngress a governing body whose delegates agreed to form the Continental Army and approve the Declaration of Independence
Continental Army a colonial force authorized by the Second Continental Congress in 1775 with George Washington as its commanding general
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