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History II

Chapter 19 Sec 2

Selective Service Act authorized a draft to young men for military service in Europe
Great National Lottery to decide order in which first draftees would be called into service
Council of National Defense created an array of new federal administrative agencies to oversee different phases of war effort
War Industries Board -regulated all industries engaged in war effort -headed by Bernard Baruch
Bernard Baruch -head of War Industries Board -determined what product industries would make
Food Administration -set prices high for wheat and other foodstuffs to increase produce -headed by Herbert Hoover
Herbert Hoover -head of Food Administration -asked Amer. to eat less= more food for soldiers
Committee on Public Information -to educate the public about cause and nature of war -headed by George Creel
George Creel -director of Committee on Public Info -former journalist and passionate admirer of Amer. institution
Conscientious objectors people whose moral or religious beliefs forbid them to fight wars
Jane Adams header of the Women's Peace Party
Jeannette Rankin -first woman to serve in U.S. House of Rep. -voted against declaration of war
Espionage Act -allowing postal authorities to ban treasonable newspapers or printed materials -punishment 10,000 fine & 20 yrs. imprisonment
Sedition Act limited freedom of speech
Eugene V. Debs -leader of Socialist Party in Amer. -imprisoned under Sedition Act: 10 yrs
Schneck v. United States -case that upheld Sedition Act -ruled that 1st Amen. doesn't always apply
19th Amendment women suffrage
Land of Hope Afr. Amer. moved to North from South
Great Migration great movement of Afr. Amer. from rural South to industrial North
Chicago Defender newspaper in North encouraged Afr. Amer. to move
Barrios Hispanic neighborhoods in Los Angeles
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