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S.S. CH. 25-29

SS. CH. 25-29 - SMS

guerilla unseen attacks or warfare
bayous swamps
staple primary crop basis for a people's diet
conquistadors conquerors
missionary religious person who travels and persuades otheres to his religion
maize another word for corn
adelantos "advancers" for the conquistadors
plateau high flat ground
sovereign a royal ruler: king, queen, emperor
convert to change one's religion
barbecue an outdoor roast
fray another word for friar; Catholic member of a holy order of men
Estaban He was African and killed by the Zunni
de Ornate explored Santa Fe and New Mexico
Las Casas Priest who fought against harsh treatment of Indians
Fray Marcos Priest who went with Estaban & Coronado
Kino Missionary who established a mission in Arizona
de Narvaez explored Florida with Estaban; only 4 survived
de Soto explored Florida, Alabama, and the Mississippi River
Cabrillo explored the West coast of Mexico, California, and San Diego
Coronado explored New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, Arizona, and Kansas
Sepulvada he was a Spanish scholar who defended mistreatment of Indians
Created by: SimardRR