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2nd Six Weeks Reveiw

Comprehensive Review for the six weeks test

The first black person to enter and explore Texas Estevanico
The people who lived in Cibola Zunis
Who captured Tenochtitlan, imprisoned Moctezuma II, and defeated the Aztecs Cortes
When Moscoso was in East Texas, what did he find oil
de Vaca and Estevanico were captured by what Indian group Karankawas
How did Estevanico die he was killed by Indians
Three things that Coronado's expedition discovered Palo Duro Canyon, Cibola and the Grand Canyon
Who was Coronado's guide to Quivira the Turk
Why did Estevanico where bells, feathers, and bright clothing while looking for Cibola because he was viewed as a shaman
Who captured Cibola and the Indians who lived there Coronado
Why was Estevanico chosen to serve as a guide in search for Cibola he had gained knowledge of the area while traveling through Texas with de Vaca
Why did the king and queen of Spain support Columbus' expedition to the Americas because he was a military hero in the Spanish Navy
Spain had little interest in Texas AFTER no gold or treasure was found there
Spanish-Indian relations changed after the Plains began using horses
Why did the Native Americans often die of diseases that did not kill the Europeans the Indians had not been previously exposed to the diseases so they did not have an immune built up
Much of Spanish exploration in the southwest occurred because they were searching for cities of gold
Scientist who studies human remains to learn how people lived in the past archaeologist
Where do scientists believe the first people who lived in North America came from Asia
What are people called who hunt animals and gather wild plants for food nomads
Why were the Apache able to successfully attack the Spanish and the Pueblo Indians their skilled use of the horse
Why did the Caddo use the system of crop roation to prevent the soil from wearing out
Why did the Coahuiltecans become hunter-gathers because the climate in southern Texas was very dry and they could not farm successfully
What were the largest animals that the Paleo-Indians hunted successfully mammoths
The Caddo valued farming so highly that women actually took a role in planting crops
How were the Paleo-Indians thought to have crossed into North America by means of a land bridge called Beringia
Who developed the only complete written language among American Indians the Mayans
The Coahuiltecans were nomads who lived in South Texas
Among the Texas Indians, men did all of the farm work, except for which tribe Caddo---women helped with farming
Who made important family decisions in the Caddo villages women
Texas got its name from the Hasinai word for friend
The Jumano built villages and grew crops near what river Rio Grande
The Pueblo lived in buildings made of adobe
The Jumano were part of which culture Pueblo
Why did the indians move into the plains to follow the buffalo
The comanche migrated to Texas from the north
The Comanches came to control much of northern and western Texas
Where did farming first occur Mesoamerica
What was the most important crop for early Americnas corn
Indians developed a much more complex society after the introduction of farming
Created by: shawna_westbrook
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