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13 Colonies People

13 Colonies People and Leaders

John Carver First Governor of Plymouth Colony, on the Mayflower Communicated with Squanto to save the settlement Probably wrote the Mayflower Compact
William Bradford Plymouth Colony Governor 2nd 5th 7th 9th and 11th Separatist Leader Volunteered to be part of the Exploration Party
John Winthrop Massachusetts Bay Colony 2nd 6th 9th and 12th Governor Joined the Massachusetts Bay Company when Anti-Puritans Participated in Nonconformist religious thought
Anne Hutchinson Participated in the Antinomian Controversy on the side of John Cotton for Better Education, accused all others besides Cotton and Wheelwright Started Portsmouth and the colony of Rhode Island
Samoset First Native American to make contact with the Plymouth settlers, saved them from starvation and disease
Squanto Crossed the Atlantic Ocean 6 Times helped the colonists get through the winter with food
John Mason English army Major Moved to Massachusetts Bay Colony
Ferdinando Gorges Founder of Maine
Rodger Williams Co-founder of Rhode Island idea of Separation of Church and State Religious Freedom.
Thomas Hooker Puritan Founded the colony broke from Massachusetts
Dutch The People from the Netherlands founded New Netherlands taken over then called New York
Henry Hudson Explorer who looked for the Northwest Passage.
Peter Minuit 3rd Director of New Netherlands, Founded New Sweden
Peter Stuyvesant Dutch Director general 7th great expansion New Amsterdam
John Berkeley 1st Baron of Stratton Relationships with Carteret and Duke of York
George Carteret Vice Admiral Royalist Statesman in New Jersey and Clarendon Ministry Treasury of the Navy
James Duke of York King of England and Ireland, disposed in the Glorious Revolution
William Penn Real Estate Entrepreneur philosopher. Founder of Pennsylvania Quaker
John Smith Admiral of New England important part in establishing Jamestown.
Cecil Calvert 2nd Baron of Baltimore first proprietor and proprietary governor of the providence of Maryland Ninth of the colony of Newfoundland/Avalon
George Calvert (Lord Baltimore 1st Baron of Baltimore Eighth proprietary governor of Newfoundland
8 Aristocrats King Charles gave 8 aristocrats a royal charter to settle Carolina
James Oglethorpe Founder of the Colony of Georgia resettle Britain's poor debtors' prisons more to the new world
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