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Key Terms and People

Chapter 4

indentured servant migrants who in exchange for transatlantic passage
headright system employed in the tobacco colonies to encourage the importation of indentured servants, the system allowed an individual to acquire 50 acres of land if he paid for a laborers passage to the colonies
Bacon Rebellion 1676:uprising of Virginia backcountry farmers & indentured servants led by planter Nathanial Bacon initially a response to Governor William Berkeley's refusal to protect the backcountry settlers from Indian attacks
Royal African Company English joint stock company that joined a state-granted monopoly on the colonial slave trade from 1672 until 1698; the supply of slaves rose sharply and then the company lost its monopoly
middle passage transatlantic voyage slaves endured between Africa and the colonies; death rates were high
slave code set of laws defining racial slavery beginning in 1662 including establishing the heredity nature of slavery, and legally limiting the rights and learning of slaves
New York slave revolt (1712): uprising of a dozen slaves that resulted in the deaths of nine whites and the brutal execution of twenty-one blacks
South Carolina slave revolt (Stono River) (1739): uprising also known as the Stono Rebellion of more than 50 South Carolina blacks along the Stono River; slaves attempted to reach Spanish Florida but stopped by the SC militia
Congregational Church self gov Puritan congregations without hierarchal establishment of the Angelic Church
Jeremiad often fiery sermons lamenting the waning piety of parishioners first delivered in New England in the middle 17th century; named after doom-saying prophet Jeremiah
Half-Way Covanant (1662): agreement to allow unconverted offspring of church members to baptize their children; symbolized waning religious zeal in second in third generation
Salem Witch Trials (1692-1693)series of witchcraft trials launched after a group of adolescent girls in Salem, Massachusetts, claimed to have been bewitched by a certain older woman of the town; twenty individuals were put to death before the trials ended by the gov of Mass
Leisler's Rebellion (1689-1691): armed conflict led by aspiring merchants led by Jacob Leisler and the running elite of NY; one of many uprising in the colonies when rich land owners tried to make European social classes in the New World
William Berkeley a. Virginia Governor b. Friendly with Indians c. Chased out of Jamestown by Indians and settlers alike d. Crushed rebellion by hanging 20 rebels
Nathaniel Bacon a. Bacon's Rebellion 1676 b. Chased Governor William Berkeley from land c. Suddenly died from disease
Anthony Johnson slave that bought his freedom and later became a slave holder
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