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Social Studies

Georgia as A State Checkpoint

Name Georgia's 4 capitals in the order in which they became the state's capital Savannah Augusta Louisville Millidgeville Atlanta
What two churches began to grow once Georgians turned away from the Anglican Church at The end of the American REvolution? Baptist and Methodist
Why did GA's capitals change so much? The capitals wanted to be centrally located in the state
Why did GEorgians not want to be apart of the Anglican church? Georgians wanted to get away from the king
Which governor supported church growth? Lyman HAll
What was the nations first state funded university, setting the example for future state colleges and universities? UGA :( ( IT WAS CREATED BECAUSE IT WAS AN AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL)
Who is considered the founder of the University go Georgia? Abraham Baldwin
What 2 inventions led to the rise of cotton as Georgia's number 1 cash crop? Cotton gin- machine separates cotton from seed Mechanical reaper- a machine that cuts down crops at harvest
What mode of transportation became key to success of the cotton farmers, and which city was a result of the development of that transportation system? Georgia Railroad Western & Atlantic Railroad Atlanta benefited
How was land distributed under the Headright System? General Assembly gives land to the heads of the household based on the size of their family (including slaves) THIS WAS A CORRUPT SYSTEM
Why did Georgians become distrustful of the Headright System? Land scandal, accepted bribes, corrupt system, Yazoe Landfraud
How is land distributed under the Land Lottery System? Two tickets are drawn: one with a person's name and the other with the number of the farm plot that they will receive.
A corrupt system that the Georgia General Assembly gives land to people at extreme prices... they accept bribes and everything What is this? Yazoe Landfraud
Created by: ewoodham
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