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Chap 4 Independence

Proclamation of 1763 British Law designed to keep in check the Colonists ambitions
Battle of Saratoga Colonist soldiers defeated British, showed French that American Colonists could fight French joined the colonies against British
Stamp Act British tax on all colonial printed materials
Colonists' representation not represented in British Parliament
Sons of Liberty Stamp Act upset colonial merchants, artisans, lawyers so they formed a club that explored breaking from England
Samuel Adams Leader of Sons of Liberty up in Boston
Townshend Act Another tax from Britain on the colonies. This one on tea
Quartering Act law that stated the responsibility of the colonists to provide life's essentials to British forces
Intolerable Acts British acts put on colonists mostly in Boston. They banned public meetings and closed ports.
Tea Act 1773, caused price of tea to drop
George Washington chosen by continental congress to lead the Continental Army
Olive Branch Petition final effort to reach agreement with King George in hopes of avoiding open hostilities
Common Sense early example of American propaganda. A pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that explained benefits of independence
Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson trying to unite colonial support for independence
Battle at Trenton Washington led across icy Delaware and defeated forced loyal to Britain
Yorktown final battle of Revolutionary War, the British surrendered
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