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Chap3 Eng. Colonies

Pilgrims people that crossed the Atlantic in 1620, landing near Cape Cod, due to religious trouble in England
Puritans Radical Pilgrims who wanted to "purify" all Catholic rituals from within the Church of England
Separatists Name given to those English persons who desired a complete break from the Church of England
Mayflower Compact Agreement reached by the passengers on the Mayflower to establish a majority rule colony in the New World
William Bradford English Puritan who got permission to settle a colony in the new world, eventually landing in Plymouth.
John Winthrop Puritan who wanted to establish a Puritan community in Massachusetts as a "model community" of Puritan values.
Roger Williams Puritan minister who started trouble in Massachusetts by stressing the separation of church and state. Set up in Rhode Island after getting kicked out of Mass
Anne Hutchinson Puritan woman who got into trouble by speaking up, claiming her religious insight came directly from God.
Tobacco Crop that dominated the Carolinas for decades. Was a savior for Virginia and other colonies as it made them an economic force
Nathaniel Bacon A tobacco farmer in western Virginia who wanted to worked the lands occupied by the Indians. Turned violent.
Quakers A Protestant sect which denounced wealth, took an early and unpopular stand against slavery. Settled in Pennsylvania.
Middle Passage the name of the voyage that Africans were forced to take across the Atlantic
Restoration period in England after Oliver Cromwell died. During this era, ruling power was restored or given back to the Monarchs
The "Holy Experiment" Refers to William Penn's colony in PA looking to establish a haven for people of all nationalities and religions
William Pitt helped British to victory over French in French and Indian War, after he took over all military operations
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