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Chapter 2- Empire of

Chapter 2 -Empire of the Americas

Christopher Columbus an Italian explorer hired by Spain to sail west in Asia. Oct. 1492 he reaches land thinking it's Asia. Actually lands in present day Dominican Republic. He discovers American and begins European colonization of the New World. "Admiral of the Ocean Sea"
Ferdinand Magellan a Portuguese sailor who sailed for Spain when his voyage became the first to circumnavigate the world. He was killed along the way but his crew continued to reach Spain.
Hernan Cortes Spanish conquistador and explorer. Sailed to present day Mexico and conquered the Aztecs. "Cortez the Killer"
St. Augustine oldest city established by Europeans in the Americas. located in Florida
Royal Orders for New Discoveries tried to teach natives about Christianity, about horses and European weapons
Vaquero skilled horsemen
John Cabot an Italian who sailed for England. In 1497 he landed in Eastern Canada to kick off English colonization of North American
Francis Drake English explorer who claimed many lands for Great Britain. Very productive that Queen Elizabeth II knighted him
Spanish Armada name of a large, powerful Spanish naval fleet. Assembled by King Phillip II
Martin Luther this was the German priest who challenged the Catholic church and started the (reformation?)
Northwest Passage many European explorers tried to discover a new route to Asia. They all failed but claimed massive amounts of land in North America
Lost Colony a failed early English settlement on Roanoke island off the Carolina coast
Jamestown English colony in Virginia named after King James
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