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Chapter 1 The world

Chapter 1 the world by 1500

Paleo-Indians generally considered to be the first Americans
Chinese inventions seismograph, paper, sun powder, compasses, carved wooden blocks for mass printing
Marco Polo a European traveler in late middle ages, toured through much of Asia
Muslim scholars greatly advanced art of map making, developed Arabic numeral system
Leif Eriksson a Viking sailor/fisherman/explorer who many believe was the first European to reach North American soil
Crusades a series of wars that took place in 1000-1200. Goal was to regain Holy Lands
Renaissance time marked by re-birth of learning, creativity, discovery that changed European history
Magna Carta first known attempt to restrict power of leader
Isabella of Castile Queen of newly formed empire of Spain. Wanted to compete with upstart Portugal
Reconquista name of effort to drive Muslims out of Spain
Vasco da Gama commanded a Portuguese fleet that established an all- water route to Asia in 1948. Managed to reach India
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