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Iroquois Vocabulary


Confederacy a group of loosely united states or nations
Clan a group of people tracing their (family) line to a common ancestor
Myth a story used by a culture to explain the creation of something in nature
Prehistoric before recorded history, before written records
Historic a written record
Archeology the study of remains of past civilizations
Archologist someone who studies the remains of past civilizations
Anthropology the study of culture and development of human beings
Anthropologist someone who studies human culture and civilization
Artifact something made by humans (primary source)
Pre-Columbian the time in north America before 1492
Culture the total way of life for a group of people (religion, dress, food, traditions, politics etc.)
Peer one who is your equal in and/or social group
Adolescent the period between childhood and adult
Nuclear Family mother, father, and children (2.5 in United States)
Extended Family nuclear family, and grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews
Reservation special land set aside or given to Indians for use
Matrilineal descent traced to the mother's side/ line of the family
Patrilineal descent traced to the father's side/ line of the family
Sibling brothers and/ or sisters
Three Sisters the three main crops: corn, beans, and squash