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History of the Middle East

OIF conflict caused by suspicion that Saddam Hussein had WMDs
jihad concept of Islamic holy war that terrorists use to justify attacks on 'enemies' of the faith
Patriot Act laws passed after 9/11 to make America safer
Israel name for the former area of Palestine; Jewish homeland today
Afghanistan location of OEF; we are still involved trying to keep the Taliban from coming back to power
Arabs group in Israel that wants its own state
Palestine disputed territory that both Jews and Arabs believe was promised to them by God
anti-Semitism hatred or mistreatment of Jews
Kurds mountainous ethnic group in the Middle East who want their own state
al-Qaeda Islamic terrorist network responsible for 9/11 attacks on US
holocaust the worst anti-Semitic act in history
rebuilding why did the US stay in Iraq long after Saddam Hussein was dead and the country had a democracy?
Saddam Hussein harsh dictator of Iraq
Kuwait tiny country invaded by Iraq in the Persian Gulf War
Zionism a Jewish movement that encouraged Jews to return to their homeland
Great Britain country that, along with France, gained control of much of the Middle East's land at the end of WWI
Palestinian Arabs group in Israel who does not have equal rights with the rest of the citizens
oil the Iran Iraq War was fought over ___
Jerusalem capital of Israel
Iraq country who hanged Saddam Hussein
Canaan another name for Israel, Palestine, Zion, Promised Land, Holy Land
Arab-Israeli Wars wars caused by land divided into two parts by the UN and given to two different groups
WMDs biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons that kill large numbers of people
Osama bin Laden leader of the terrorist network known as al-Qaeda; killed in Pakistan in 2011
terrorism the use of violence against people or property to force changes in society or government
democracy the type of government that both Iraq and Afghanistan have due to US involvement
Taliban extreme Islamic group who controlled the government of Afghanistan before being removed by the US
Shi'ite the sect of Islam that wants religious leaders to be political leaders
White House 9/11 target that symbolized the US' government
Pentagon 9/11 target that symbolized America's military
World Trade Center 9/11 target that symbolized US economic strength
Persian Gulf War conflict in the Middle East that caused great environmental damage
George W. Bush US president who declared the War on Terror
Homeland Security the new cabinet department created after 9/11 to help keep our country safe
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