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US History Ch 9 Test

Jeffersonian Republicans strongly supported which of the following? State's rights, centralized government, commerce, industry. State's rights
What was considered the "revolution of 1800"? Political victory of the Republicans
Chief Justice John Marshall supported which views when Congress and the presidency were in opposition of his views? Federalist
Who was Sacajawea? An Indian woman who assisted Lewis and Clark
What was the immediate result of the Chesapeake affair? The Embargo Act
Explain the main differences in view of centralized government between the Federalists and the Jeffersonian Republicans. Federalists-great defenders of merchants, believed strong government would protect the nation, rule by elite from high families. Jeff Republicans-concerned with the farmers, worked on the principle that less government is better, rule by strong minds.
In comparison to the current size of the United States in 1800, what was the size of the land purchased by our government under Thomas Jefferson? It was larger than the US.
Who was the third president of the United States? Thomas Jefferson
Who was the chief justice of the Supreme Court? John Marshall
Who was the powerful ruler of France? Napoleon Bonaparte
Who were the explorers of the Louisiana Territory? Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
Who was the explorer of the Great Plains and the Colorado Rockies? Zebulon Pike
Which vice president was accused of treason? Aaron Burr
Who won a major battle in Ohio against the Indians? Mad Anthony Wayne
Who was the man(war hawk)from Kentucky who became Speaker of the House? Henry Clay
Who was the American naval captain who defeated the British Fleet? Oliver Hazard Perry
Who was the American hero at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend? Andrew Jackson
The right of the Court to declare a law unconstitutional. Judicial Review
What is the name of the authority specifically given to the national government by the Constitution? Delegated powers
What court decision maintained, "it is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is"? Marbury v. Madison
What decision by the courts protected Congress's power to regulate interstate commerce? Gibbons v. Ogden
What court decision denied states the power to interfere with the ability of the Congress to enact a national bank? McCulloch v. Maryland
Which amendment separated ballots for the president and vice president? Twelfth Amendment
What was the name of the region in North Africa that held our American ships ransom? Barbary states
Did the Indians understand the concept of private property? No
Why was Tecumseh a threat to the United States? He attempted to unite the Indian Tribes into one nation.
Who did Harrison inadvertently help when he asked the Indians to demand a sign? The Prophet
How many troops did the United States have as they entered the War of 1812? 7000
Who said, "Fight her 'til she sinks, and don't give up the ship," when he was mortally wounded? Captain James Lawrence
Considering all that Andrew Jackson did in his Florida campaign, did he exceed his orders? Yes
Who was the greatest Indian leader in our history? Tecumseh
Who was the Indian who attacked whiskey and the white man's ways? The Prophet
What was the name of the governor who defeated the Prophet? William Henry Harrison
What president oversaw the War of 1812? James Madison
Who authored the national anthem? Francis Scott Key
Who was the secretary of state who helped win Florida from Spain? John Quincy Adams
Who was the Latin revolutionary? Simon Bolivar
The right to stop American ships, forcibly remove British deserters, and put them back into service. Impressments
What city was captured by the British after the Battle of Bladensburg? Washington
After the war was over, what was the US victory against the British regulars? Battle of New Orleans
What region did the US buy as a result of the Adams-Onis Treaty? Florida
Why was the USS Constitution called Old Ironsides? Enemy cannonballs bounced off its oak sides.
What battle was an astounding victory for the makeshift American fleet? Battle of Lake Erie
What fort in Baltimore did the British fail to capture? McHenry
What event led to the demise of the Federalist Party? Hartford Convention
Treaty that called for the disarmament of the Great Lakes. Rush-Bagot Treaty
Who was the president during the "Era of Good Feelings"? James Monroe
What was the main provision of the Monroe Doctrine? No European country could intervene in the Western Hemisphere.
List the three stages in Britain's plan to defeat the US during the War of 1812 and explain the success of each stage.
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