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Social Studies

Executive Branch 2

Commander in Chief In charge of the Military
Chief Diplomat Top negotiator and representative
Chief Executive Enforces the law
Head of the Political Party Leader of his political party
Chief of State * Voice of American people. * Serves as symbol of the country
Legislative leader Influences law making process. Can propose legislation
Judicial power Appoint judges
Qualification 35 years old Native born US citizen Resident of the US for 14 years
Electors # Representatives plus # Senators (2)
Term of a president 4 years
Amendment 22 Limit the president to two terms
Where the President lives? White House
Where is the President retreat? Camp David
President airplane Air Force One
President Salary @ 2014 $ 400.000
Presidential succession * Vice President * Speaker of the House * President Pro Tempore * Secretary of State
Article II (2) * Veto Bill from Congress * Call Congress into special session * Serve as Commander in Chief * Receive foreign leaders * Make treaties (with Senate approval) * Appoint officials to gov't positions * Pardon/commute criminals
State of the Union President discusses issues surrounding the nation. Typically held in January
President role as Chief Executive Carry out nation's laws Appoint cabinet members to help guide policy. Can issue executive order. Pardon, reprieves, amnesty
President role as Chief Diplomat Tries to promote peace and democracy Diplomacy
Diplomacy * The art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations. * Skill in handling affairs without arousing hostility.
President role as Commander in Chief * In charge of armed forces * Can order troops into battle.
President as economic leader President plans federal budget
How many electoral college votes are needed to be a president 270
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