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Ch. 2-History of NM

New Mexico's Early People-Ch. 2

Which group were the first big-game hunters in eastern NM? Clovis people
Evidence of which group was found by George McJunkin? Folsom people
Who were the nomads that came after the big-game hunters? Desert Dwellers
Which group were the early farmers in SW New Mexico that grew corn and beans? Mogollon
Which group built the great Pueblo Bonito? Anasazi
Which group lived in Arizona and got water form the sun-baked soil? Hohokam
Where did the first Americans most likely come from? Asia
Who were the earliest people to live in NM? Big-game hunters
What did the Desert Culture people discover? They discovered how to grow corn and squash
Which culture developed in the Four Corners region? Anasazi
What were underground rooms built by the Anasazi called? Kivas
What do archaeologists believe about Anasazi women? owned property
Where in NM is the Pueblo Bonito located? Chaco Canyon
After the Anasazi decline, where were most NM villages located? Four Corners Area
To which group does the term “enemies of our ancestors” refer to? Navajo
What was the name of the land bridge early Americans crossed over to come to North America? Beringia
Which group built both large apartment houses and cliff dwellings? Anasazi
Which group lived in Arizona and squeezed water from the sun-baked soil? Hohokam
Who were the “Ancient Ones”? Anasazi
Which are of the three Anasazi ruins that still exist today? Pueblo Bonito, Mesa Verde, Aztec
In which location would you find Cliff Palace? Mesa Verde
Which does “Mesa Verde” mean? Green Table
What does “Pueblo Bonito” mean? Pretty town
How many cultures came out of the Pueblo Culture? two
Who was responsible for the naming of the Native American's "Indian"? Christopher Columbus
Where did Christopher Columbus thought he had landed when he mistakenly landed in the Spice Island's of India? Far East Spice Islands called the Indies
What did Columbus called the natives on the Caribbean Islands? Indios or Indians
For how long was this mistake given to all native people living in the Americas? 500 years
What is a kill site? area where early hunters killed game for food
What is an atlatl? spear-throwing devices used by the early people to hurl spears or darts
What is kiva? religious center for the Anasazi and Pueblo Indians.
What were the two reasons the Anasazi used kivas in the pueblo villages? religious purposes and secret meetings
What is a mano? tool used to grind corn into meal
What is a metate? flat stone on which corn is ground into meal
What is a pueblo? Spanish word that means town
Created by: vacosta